Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Very Late 12 Months

A couple weeks ago (April 30) Baylor turned 1. I say this all the time, but I honestly can not believe just how quickly the time has flown. It is bittersweet--on one hand I get to see the little person he has become but at the same time I no longer have the small, cuddly baby.  This has been the absolute best year of our lives and I know things will just continue to get even better. I did not know love until I had Baylor.  The depth of my love for him in immeasurable. I would do ANYTHING for this sweet baby.  Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. Here's where he is at one year:
-he is wearing size 12-18 months
-in size 4 (or 5 in some brands) diapers
-size 3 shoes (we are trying to put him in shoes more frequently now)
-he sleeps like a champ! Goes down usually between 7-8 and we wake him up in the mornings at 7:30 for school. He also takes 2 naps a day that are usually a total of 3-4 hours
-by his first birthday, he was off bottles and formula. He eats 3 meals a day, with lots of snacks in between. He has about 2 sippy cups full of whole milk a day
-his favorite foods are fruits. He loves bananas, blueberries, grapes, strawberries. He refuses to eat anything green. He likes cheese, crackers, cookies (anything sweet really), chicken nuggets, and hot dogs
-he is not walking quite yet.  He is cruising like a champ and uses his push toys to get all over the place
-he likes to dance and it is honestly the cutest thing ever
-he can say mama, dada, uh oh, ball ("ba"), and dog ("da")
-he has learned to blow kisses and loves to do this, even to strangers
-he got his first haircut and did great!
It is honestly amazing to see how much he grows and learns each and every day. He has the best personality, is very bubbly and loves to laugh.  He can be quite the clown, often making himself and us laugh.  He is very curious and into everything--we are a bit fearful of when he actually does start to walk!! Every phase during this last year I have said is my favorite and I think it will just continue on.  I love this precious gift God gave us and I hope and pray he always knows this.