Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night as I was pondering how many times Lindsay Lohan will get off from doing something illegal like stealing or abusing drugs I realized how simple life used to be. I didn't have to worry about important things like mortgage, car payments, taxes, or even celebrity gossip (other than whether JTT aka Johnathan Taylor Thomas had a girlfriend). I started to reminisce on the fun things I loved as a child and teenager growing up and thought I might share these with you.

1. Some great TV shows- Fraggle rock, the Muppet Show (ahh how they never showed the lady's face--killed me!), Clarissa Explains it All (FYI where I got my blog name, unlike my dad's continued error in saying that it is called "Jess knows it all"..and no, I do not know it all), Salute your Shorts (I can still sing that song), Hey Dude, Doug, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, Family Matters (Erkel!), Are You Afraid of the Dark (so scary!), and so many more...

2. Slap bracelets. In 3rd grade my best friend Megan Summers wore a slap bracelet to school and from that moment on I had to have one! Not quite sure looking back on the appeal of being able to 'slap' a bracelet on, but hey, it was cool.

3. Timberlands. In 8th grade I finally got a pair and loved to wear them with my Gap jeans. Along with that came the Cool Water and CKone fragrance.

4. Those super tacky plastic-y Nike soccer slip on sandals--The black ones with the white Nike swoosh. And yes, I wore them with tall tube socks that went up to my knees.

5. Warm up pants. Oh how, I used to wear these to school and say I was "scrubbin' it". And I loved boys who wore the tear away ones.

6. Hypercolor shirts. You know the ones that changed colors. And I would wear them with biker shorts. Classy.

7. I didn't actually have one, however, but I remember how cool "Starter" Jackets were. They had different ones for each team and I remember all the guys sportin' these. At least the cool guys.

8. LA Gear, Keds, and Reebok Pumps. My brother had some pumps and I thought it was the coolest thing. Mom wouldn't buy them for me. Said they only made them for boys. I have my suspicions that this is not true and she just didn't like them.

9. Bows. The clip kind. I had a plastic box full of these in every color and style. Gotta match your bow to your outfit. One even had cow print with a cow bell....Hmmmm.....

10. Kit-n-Kaboodle. Had a hot pink one. Not even sure what the heck I kept in it.

11. Polly Pockets. I had a couple of these--I know one was a Vet office and another was a townhouse maybe? Did they really even fit in your pockets?

12. Lisa Frank. There is nothing like a neon colored notebook with unicorns. You know you had one or wanted it.

13. Pogs. I think this is what those thick round cardboard things were. And you had a "slammer" that you threw down on the pogs. No wonder these didn't stay in style.

14. Skating Rinks. Who didn't go to the skating rink?! Ours was called Sparkles and had a dance floor we did splits on while the lights flashed up different colors. Oh yeah and a DJ booth you could write down a song request that never got played.

15. Kilo, Biggie, Montell Jordan, and Keith Sweat. Classics. I still love to play these songs cause they are just so good. Or not. I still like them though!

What are some things you remember growing up? Do any of these bring back memories for you?

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