Sunday, December 30, 2012

It was a Merry Christmas!

Hello Blogger friends (if I still have any out there)! I have been a little MIA lately and to be honest, I have no clue how these moms blog frequently. I never have a minute to sit down and write a post.
Anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas. It was filled with lots of traveling, the stomach bug (all of us got-yuck), and tons of family.  We stayed very busy but it was great. 
A few weeks before Christmas we took Baylor to meet Santa. He did not know what to think. Look at how serious he was! It cracks me up!

The weekend before Christmas, we drove to Atlanta to visit with my family.  We had two early Christmases with them and Baylor had a blast (as did we). He got this rocking Dinosaur and he loves it.  When it stops, he starts to kick and bounce to signal you to keep rocking him.

My brother with Baylor

My mom and her Boyfriend Max
 I forgot to bring my camera into my dad's house, but we had a great time. Photo fail though on my part!
These pics were from Christmas day. We woke up around 8:15 and opened presents just our little family, and then headed to Matts parents house for breakfast.

We later had Matts mother and brothers (and my sister in law and her father) over for dinner. It was so special to have our sweet Baylor there for his first Christmas!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

8 months

I say it every month but I just can not get over how quickly the last 8 month has gone by. My life has changed in so many ways and I would not trade it for the world. Being a mother is something that is so amazing and I thank God daily that I get to be Baylor's mommy and that he is such a precious baby boy. I can't say it enough. Seriously!

So here is where we stand now at 8 months:

-he is wearing 9 month clothes

-size 4 diapers

-weighs around 19-20 lbs

-is thisclose to crawling. He has been going from a sitting position to being on his hands and knees and rocks, but pushes himself backwards instead of forwards.

-he is babbling a lot. He says "dadda" but I'm not convinved that he knows what it means. Of course Matt would tell you he does. Just the past few days it sounds like he is working on saying "mama", and of course he knows what that means! ;)

- he got a TON of toys for Christmas and loves them all, but nothing is as great as the dogs (who mostly run from him) or his stress ball that Matt randomly gave him.

- he now (once again) has a full thick set of hair, no more patchy bald spots. It has lightened up some also.

-he is mostly* sleeping through the night. By mostly I mean sometimes he ends up in our bed in the middle of the night. I dont mind the extra cuddles though ;)

- he is such a happy boy. He smiles at everyone and laughs all the time. It truly is the best sound. Ever.

If Spring is for cleaning, Winter is for...organizing?

Today was one of those days when you start with saying "I'm going to clean the house" but after a good scrubbing and some pinterest inspirations we did so much more. After a trip to Home Depot and a couple hours we had some sucess.

Here's some pics of our newly organized areas:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Month Pics

We recently had some professional photos taken to document this special time in our lives. I anxiously waited for them and was so excited to recieve them yesterday! They turned out so great I wanted to share a few of my favs!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

7 Months

On November 30, Baylor turned 7 months old. He is getting so big and so much fun to play with. Here are some things that are going on with him currently:
-He weighs 18lbs
-He is babbling all the time. "bababababa" is his favorite phrase right now.  We can't wait to hear a "mamamama" or a "dadadada"!
-He wears size 3 diapers
-He is wearing 6 to 9 month clothes (mostly 9 month)
-He is drinking about 5-6 6oz bottles daily, and is eating stage 2 foods.  He does not like thick foods and won't eat anything green (green beans and peas were a no go)
-He is sitting up really well now, rolls over great, and is trying to crawl.  I think we still have a bit of time left before he actually gets mobile with his crawling.  He does a lot of push ups but can't quite figure out how to pull his knees up though he tries.
-He now gives hugs and kisses, the kisses are open mouth and slobbery but wonderful!
-He still loves to jump in his jumperoo and loves to play on his kick and play mat. 
It has been so neat to see his personality come out and develop as he grows older. He is such a sweet sweet boy. I look forward to every minute that I am able to spend with him.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Must Have's for Moms (with a 6 month old)

When Baylor was born, I did a post recommending items that I thought were great for new mothers' with young babies. I thought I would write a similar list now that Baylor is 6 months old. Some things are still uber important for us such as paci's and burp cloths (he still spits up all.the.time.) but some are not (nap nanny, boppy). 
I think as he has gotten older, the biggest type of items that we use are toys.  Toys, toys, and toys galore.  It is so fun to see him play and explore new things. 
1. His absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world is his jumperoo exercauser.  We have this Baby Einstein one and it is great.  The jumperoo is by far the greatest invention ever.  I will say though if you get one, make sure to get the type that the seat bounces not just the part their feet touch.  Walmart and some other stores carry some that has a platform their feet stand on that bounces but the seat does not move. He does not like those near as much. In fact, he just seems confused when he's in them. lol. We also have a Johnny Jump Up which is the bouncy thing that hangs from the door frame, but he isn't a huge fan of it either. 
sleeping in his jumperoo
2.  He is starting to really like books.  I'd recommend getting lots with the thick (not paper) pages for this age, because he is constantly trying to turn the page or pull at it.  He loves this book (see pic) that has different types of fabric to feel and it makes a scrunchy noise.  He will play with it forever.
3. Galt Playnest. Someone recommended this toy for us and I looked it up on Amazon. The customer reviews had me sold.  At first when we let him try it he was too small and didn't really enjoy it. Now that he is sitting up he loves to sit in his own little "chair" and to feel and look at all the different things on it.  It's a great way to contain our mobile baby if we are busy.  Give him a couple toys and he is one happy kid.  I have read even as they get older it is a fun toy to play with.  Seriously, read the Amazon reviews. 
Playin' in the playnest
4.  Mesh bumpers + Angelcare Monitor.  Since Baylor moved to his crib in his his own room these two items have really brought us peace of mind. At first I wasn't going to use a mesh bumper and thought the regular ones were just fine, but once he was in there by himself I quickly changed my mind.  I don't want anything that could potentially not be safe for him in there.  It's a good thing we switched because he loves to put his head in the bumper to sleep.  Thankfully the mesh are super safe with the large holes in them.
The Angelcare monitor is a Godsend.  There is a sensor pad that goes under his mattress that monitors his breathing.  If he doesn't breathe for 20 seconds an alarm will go off. On the screen, there is a symbol on the top that swings to let you know he is breathing. There is nothing better than seeing that symbol move back and forth knowing he is fine.  Although we have had a few false alarms, it is still way worth having it then not.
What a crazy sleeper! Don't worry, he doesn't sleep with that ugly stuffed animal you see.
5. Space Saver High Chair. We do not have a large house therefore room for a  large high chair won't work well for us. We got a space saver high chair that basically is a chair that straps to the chairs that go with our table.  It is perfect as it saves space and gives us a place to put Baylor when he is eating, playing, or sitting at the table with us.  He loves it also! We can attach the tray and the seat cushion is real easy to take off and wash (trust me, after a gross blowout recently we learned this). It can recline and swivel also. We usually just stick some toys on his tray and he sits with us for dinner every night. 
happy to be in his high chair
6. Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym. When I got this at my baby shower and my other mom friends mentioned they were jealous we got this I really didn't pay attention.  Now I am thanking my lucky stars for this toy. Play gyms alone are great for babies but this one takes the cake. He loves to kick and play the piano part and sometimes he will even sit up and hit the piano part with his hands. He never seems to get bored with this one. 
7. Infant Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and/or teething tablets.  These things are musts for the 6 month old baby.  Especially one that is teething.  And especially for one that is in day care therefore constantly with a snotty, runny nose.  These all work miracles. 
8. Vtech move and crawl ball. Baylor just got this from his grandparents and he loves it! It lights up, talks, rolls on it's own, and teaches numbers and songs. I think it will be perfect for helping him learn to crawl, which he is working on now!
I know all babies are different, but hopefully this gives people a good idea of what has been really fun and useful for us with Baylor at this age.  Anyone got any other suggestions for must have's for a 6 month old??

Life (or shall I say mostly Baylor's) Lately According to my iPhone

Precious sleeping baby
We love to roll around these days
look reaaaallll close and you'll see a tooth!
Watching Elmo!
Talk talk talking

Thursday, November 1, 2012

6 Months (and a couple days)

Half a year. I can NOT believe we have had this sweet baby in our lives half a year. Gosh, time flies sooo quick I just wish I could grab onto time and make it stop for a bit. This is such a wonderful age and it is amazing to see how much Baylor grows and changes each day.  He is getting hard to get to sit still, as you can see in the picture above. Seriously, that was the best I could get!! lol. Okay, now for the details:
-I think* Baylor weighs around 17 or more pounds
-He is wearing size 3 diapers
-Size 6-9 month clothes
-Is now sleeping all night long in his crib! The whole sleep training ordeal was a mess but once we just went with the flow, he started to sleep better. He has began to sleep on his stomach which I think helps. I know the teething thing is a big threat to all of this!!
-Speaking of teeth, he has two coming in on the bottom
-He can roll over and uses this as his means of transportation. He rolls all over the place. We can put him down in one place look back two seconds later and he is no where near there!
-He can sit up all by himself.  He can still be a bit wobbly, but overall does pretty well
-He is trying to crawl, but has not quite got it yet.  He kinda just "swims" on the floor and tries to push his booty up in the air, but isn't on all fours.
-He LOVES Elmo.
-He is grasping things and has a death grip at times. A lot of times this death grip is on my hair. Ouch!
-He smiles at everyone pretty much all the time. He also likes to yell loud at times and then laugh at himself. It's pretty darn funny.
-His jumperoo is still the greatest thing ever. He is obsessed. He would play in it forever if we let him.
-He is starting to reach for us at times and he will kind of hug you back when you hold him. It is soo sweet.
I could go on and on about all the wonderful things about this sweet baby. He really is such a laid back, happy guy.  We are so so very blessed. Happy 6 months Baylor!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hollis is Here!

Our best friends Mitch and Amanda had their beautiful baby girl Hollis yesterday! Mommy and baby are doing great. And she was a chunky 7lbs instead of the doctors prediction of 5-something. Those doctors sure can be off sometimes!

We had the pleasure of visiting them last night and Baylor got to meet his girlfriend! Amanda looked great and Mitch was over the moon. Its so crazy to think we were in the same place as them almost 6 months ago. Where has the time gone?!?

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous baby and family.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Weekend According to Baylor

This weekend was a lot of fun. I got to spend lots of time with mommy and daddy which is my favorite thing to do!
Friday mom dressed me in this shirt and I got lots of laughs and smiles. I don't know what they were smiling about but I just smile back.  We went to eat at Red Lobster for dinner and the waiter talked to me a lot. He was pretty nice. Once I got my bottle though, I passed out so I missed the second half of dinner.
Saturday mom and dad took me to Carson's mom and dad's house (Jenn and Harper).  Carson wasn't there though so I got to play with all of his toys and even nap in his crib! Wilder came and I got to play with him. He sure is big though, he turns a year old in just a few days!
Sunday (today) mom and dad took me to the grocery store. They got me some good food and even let me sit in the cart for a bit. Next time my mom will remember to bring my cart cover since she knows I am big enough to sit up in the cart. 
After the grocery store daddy left and went to play golf so I played with mommy all day.  I tried bananas for the first time and they were okay. I like squash a whole lot more.  Squash is my favorite. 
I took a bunch of naps and even one on mommy.  She loves to cuddle with me.
Later I got a bath and got to play some more with my toys.  It was lots of fun, especially when Gracie comes up and tries to lick me. She is funny.
And now it's almost time for bed.  Maybe I'll sleep all night long, or maybe I'll keep mom and dad on their toes and wake them up a few times.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sleep Training. or lack therof.

The first few months of Baylor's life we were spoiled. We quickly figured out he loved to be swaddled and to sleep at an incline in his Nap Nanny and he would sleep all.night.long.  It was amazing. 

Until he hit about 4 months old and began to outgrow his Nap Nanny and started to roll over.  He couldn't stay in the Nap Nanny because he was getting too big, and couldn't be swaddled laying flat because he could roll.  No bueno. 

The transition from Nap Nanny and Swaddle had been tough.  We decided to go ahead and put him in his crib at that time as well.  He didn't like to lay flat and would roll all over the place.  The reflex of his arms and legs moving would wake him up every hour or so. It was exhausting.

So for the last month and a half we have been trying everything under the sun to sleep train our child.  For weeks I was consumed by researching the best ways to sleep train a baby. And let me tell you something about parenting: no matter what it is, if a parent thinks it is the right thing to do, they are firm believers in this.  There seems to be no gray area when it comes to parents' beliefs on things relating to parenting.  People are either cry it out or not and they will let you know why the other way it horrible.  So what the heck were we to do?! The more I read and thought about it, in addition to my lack of sleep, I was beginning to dread night time and start to feel anxious about getting Baylor to sleep. 

I read the No Cry Sleep Solution, I read all about Cry It Out Method, I read all about how many naps he should have each day and for how long and how long his wake time should be, I read all about starting an earlier bed time. I was overwhelmed with info! But what is the best for my child!!?

So I would come up with specific plans and I'd tell Matt. "Okay babe, this is what we are gonna do tonight...".  He was super supportive and went along with all my crazy plans.  We tried the no cry sleep solution. We did short versions of cry it out. We did the pick up, put down method.  Nothing really worked better than the other.

And then one day, it hit me.  I said "Matt, I'm getting wayyy too obsessed with this sleep training thing. Let's just put him to bed at a decent time each night, whenever he seems sleepy, and just go with the flow. We will figure it out each night what we need to do." He laughed and was agreeable.

I quit being so uptight. I started letting Baylor sleep with a blanket. It worked great.  We would tuck him in the blanket in his crib and he would pass out. I think it reminded him of being swaddled. A couple weeks later the blanket wasn't as necessary to get him to sleep.  We started to dress him warmer and took the blanket away.  He sleeps just fine without it now and we don't have to worry about it getting wrapped up around him.  

We let him sleep on his tummy now.  He seems to favor it and he sleeps better on his tummy. 

Some nights we put him down and he immediately passes out on his own. Some nights he cries and we have to go in and pat him for a few seconds.  He has definitely gotten better at going to sleep and staying asleep though. This past week he has slept more nights than not through the night in his own crib without waking or only waking once (and we can very quickly get him back to sleep).

But there are still nights where he wakes and is difficult to put back to sleep, or nights where he fusses and won't go down great.  And we pull him into bed with us. Shocker, I know.  Those sleep training people would say we doing ourselves and Baylor an injustice.  But guess what? The very next night he will sleep just fine on his own in his crib.  And we both don't really mind having out precious little baby cuddling with us at night occasionally.  He won't be this small for long.  I'm pretty sure he won't be a teenager trying to sleep with mommy and daddy.

So I guess the point of this rambling post is that what works for one person doesn't always work for others.  And it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Having a laid back, relaxed approach has been so much easier on all of us.  As a parent I think it's best to just figure out what works for your family and do that.