Saturday, March 31, 2012


How far along: 35 weeks, 6 days
Weight Gain: 31.5lbs
Sleep: still pretty good though I have been having a little hip pain
Best Moment this week: going to breastfeeding class and starting to feel more confident about this whole breast feeding stuff!
Food Cravings: still sweets
Movement: lots of moving around, very few kicks anymore! Looks like little buddy is running out of room!
Milestones: we went to breast feeding class this week
What I miss: not feeling so heavy
What I am looking forward to: finishing up work and meeting Baylor soon!
Workouts: 6 times this week!! I am
So proud of myself for making it this long still working out!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baylor's Nursery

We have finally put the finishing touches on the nursery and are now excited to share it all with you all!

Matt worked soo hard on the nursery, from painting the walls, to installing the wainscoting, putting together the glider, and other miscellaneous things. I have done a great job at bossing him around and decorating.  Ha!

So without further ado, here is the Baylor's nursery. 

This wall will have about 3 large framed photos from our newborn session. I didn't want to hang the frames yet because I am not sure which direction the photos we choose will hang.  

The closet

Thanks to pinterest, I was inspired to paint these. I painted the canvases, got large letters from Michael's and painted them brown, and glued them to the canvases once done.
Really still in shock that I painted these myself, but they turned out much better than I had hoped.

The door hanger my friend Mere made us. This will also go on the hospital door when he arrives. So cute!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


When people say "oh you are getting soo big" or look at me with surprised eyes wide open, I don't think I actually grasped what they were seeing. Until I had Matt take my picture today.  Now I too am in shock over just how big my belly/baby is getting! I guess you don't realize just how big it is when you are walking around with it every day.

Here's the progression. I couldn't find week 14, but you can see week 15, 24, and currently at 34. Look at my cute little bump at 15. And 24 sure was cute too. And 34, well, wow.....

Big momma is all I can say! Ha!!

Here are the details....
How Far Along: 34 weeks, 4 days
Weight Gain: 29.5lbs, though it looks like 100...
Sleep: Still sleeping great. I swear by that Snoogle. Ya'll just don't know how great it is.
Best Moment this week: Getting the finishing touches for the nursery. It is ready for him to arrive!
Food Cravings: Really liking the sweets. And I have absolutely no self control. It's a problem.
Movement: Still lots and lots. He loves to move. There usually is about 1 day a week where he is not as active and I usually freak out, but he is always fine.
Milestones: I applied for FMLA and my short term disability. There is an end in sight!
What I miss: liking the numbers on the scale.
What I am looking forward to: meeting Baylor!
Workouts: Actually, 5 times this week. Go me! However, I will say I am out of breath walking for like 10 minutes, have to take lots of breaks, walk at a snails pace, and can't walk longer than 30 minutes. But I'm still in it. I also do my pre-natal workout video still and I love that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things no one tells you about being pregnant

1. You can often forget you are pregnant, even when you are huge. You may look down and be like "oh yeah, forgot about that..."

2. People think that you being pregnant automatically means they can give you their advice. And everyone has advice, and everyone gives your their advice. Just smile politely and nod your head. 

3. Some people's advice is terrible. No, the doctor doesn't recommend you drink a few alcoholic beverages to "calm the baby down" or "get the baby to sleep better" while you are breastfeeding. No, you can't hold you baby too much in the first few weeks and spoil it. No, you shouldn't let your baby cry itself to sleep the first week.

4. No one has the same opinions on how you look. Some people will comment on how big you are or how you are about to pop and others the same day may comment on how small you are and that they can't believe you are due in a month--sure doesn't look it!

5. Don't count out any symptoms until it's over. I thought I got out of numerous symptoms until the 3rd trimester hit. And then it's Oh yeah, got that now...Oh, yeah, got that now...

6. Speaking of symptoms, pregnancy is uncomfortable. I know you are saying "duh" in your head as you read this, but I had no clue Like pain everywhere all the time. 

7. You constantly have cramps and sharp random pains everywhere. Don't freak out. It's just those weird pregnancy side effects.

8. People are nicer to you when you are pregnant. Strangers smile at you and random co-workers you have never talked to begin to have an interest in you and the baby.

9. People love babies. If you thought people cared about your wedding and wedding showers, have a baby. My baby tea had triple the guests and gifts as any of our wedding showers did. And I invited less.

10. You are thirsty all the time. I can't get enough water. Especially since the 3rd trimester has hit.

11. You can't always tell you have swollen ankles. Until you look down and can't find them.

12. Don't think the maternity clothes that you bought in the beginning will last you the entire pregnancy no matter how big they seem at first. You will most likely have to go out and purchase bigger stuff right at the end when you don't want to because why would you spend money on more clothes you will only wear a few more weeks? Yes, it will most likely happen.

13. At the end of the pregnancy you may never ever get cold. I am a walking heater. I think I wore a jacket less than 5 times this winter. And yes, I understand our winter wasn't very cold, but I am sure there was more than 5 days that were cold enough that the average person had to wear a winter coat.

14. You may hear or feel your stomach growl or gurgle in your ribs since your stomach is no longer in your stomach at the end. It happened yesterday and was the weirdest thing ever.

15. Although being pregnant is difficult at times and may not seem like it's always fun, it is amazing. To feel a baby move inside of you and know it is a human being you have created is such a powerful thing. There is nothing like it.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Due to the flood and just a crazy and chaotic week, I didn't get the chance to do my weekly update last week. So here goes for this week.

How Far Along: 33 weeks, 5 days
Weight Gain: 28lbs. I just keep growing and growing.
Sleep: No complaints, still sleeping pretty good
Best moment this week: This was technically week 32, but the baby tea last Saturday. It was so wonderful (as you all heard on here)!
Food Cravings: none that I can really think of. Crazy, I know!
Movement: Lots of rolls still. He doesn't kick often but likes to just roll around. I can feel his feet in between my ribs but he hasn't kicked my ribs yet. Hopefully he will stay sweet and this won't happen?? haha!
Milestones: We are about 90% done with the nursery. I love it and just go in there to hang out all the time! Don't worry, pics will soon come...
What I miss: having energy, my feet not hurting so much, and not being so heavy.
What I am looking forward to: Him getting here!!
Workouts: So far I've worked out 3 times this week. Gonna try to work out tomorrow am to get in one more.

Other randoms:
We are now going to the doctor weekly. I am anemic and the doctor was concerned about my iron levels, even with me taking iron supplements. I am also having lots of swelling and have officially said goodbye to my wedding rings as of now. I am going to really buckle down and start watching my diet and limit my sodium intake and increase my iron intake.
My doctor measured today and said I am measuring at about 34 weeks, which is still pretty accurate considering I will be 34 weeks on Sunday.
The third trimester is harder than I imagined, but totally worth it because it just means I am that much closer to meeting my sweet baby boy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Tea Pic overload

As I previously mentioned, last Saturday was my baby Tea and it was wonderful. We are currently in the process of getting everything (the presents) moved from my in-laws house where it was being stored to our home since we had the flood of 2012 and couldn't bring anything in after the tea.

We can't wait to go through all the presents tonight and see what all we recieved, I feel like it's Christmas all over again!!

Here are a few bunch of pictures taken from the tea on Saturday.

Some good friends: Angela, Alaina, Amanda, Phoenix, Brandy, and Melanie

My former co-worker and friend (not former for that) Jessica and Mere

My family- my aunt Luanne, cousin Tina, her son Logan, Aunt Cheryl, and cousin Tiffani

Matt's step-mother and some of her friends/co-workers

My step-mother Pam and sister-in-law Adrienne

Rachel, Mere, Jennifer, Ashley, and Carson, Jenns' son

me with Matt's aunt Carol and cousin Heather

Julie, Jessica, Ang, Ansley, Mere, Bethany, and Megan

Matt's mother and I

Debbies family: Brittany, Barbara, Debbie, Tina, and Brianna

Megn, Debbie, and I

3 generations: my momite (grandmother), my mother, and I

Angela, Avery, and Teresa
Thanks to all who came and made us feel so special and loved. We are very thankful!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Best Baby Shower, ever.

This has been a crazy week for us. I have been looking forward to this past weekend for months and months and in some ways it was ever better than I had hoped and in others it was terrible.

Let me explain. Thursday night our washer overflowed and we woke up at 5am Friday morning to a flooded house. Frantically we had to try to wet vac and dry the floors and call the insurance company to figure out what to do. Talk about terrible timing, we had my mother and her dog coming to stay for the weekend, and tons of family also coming from Georgia eager to see us and the house, which many of them had never seen. Long story short, we had to move out of the house for the weekend, move the furniture so a company could come dry out the house and floors, stay in a hotel (that allowed dogs since my mother brought hers), board our dogs for the weekend, etc. It was a mess. And still is, we moved back in last night, but they didn't finish until today and there is still furniture in our living room and our home is still in disarray.

But, through the mess we had some wonderful amazing things take place which made a wet unlivable house seem so insignificant.

Friday afternoon Matt's co-workers threw us a baby shower at his work. It was soo nice and they had it set up so pretty with awesome food and decorations. We got lots of cute and useful baby stuff, it was a great shower!

Saturday was my baby tea, and to be honest I had this fear that we wouldn't have many people show up. I know the weekend ended up not working out for a lot of people due to scheduling conflict, so I was worried that no one would come! Thankfully I was so wrong, we had so many people come and I was overwhelmed by all the love and support we had. It was amazing and I'm still smiling 2 days later!

7 of my best friends threw the tea and they went above and beyond for this event! All the details looked soo wonderful and I could tell they spent so much time working on getting things so perfect. I am still having people compliment them and how beautiful the shower was.

Here are a few pictures of the details and decorations from the shower. Pictures don't even it justice, but it's worth a try...

Champagne punch....yummm! Too bad I couldn't have any!

The yummy food table

My girls know me best! I love yogurt, so they made a small yogurt bar for guests!

Cutest diaper cake ever. Made by Phoenix.

Another shot of the food table.

The sign-in table. Along with a cute basket of goodies Maria made, our framed invitation, Baylor's framed 4D picture, and the sign-in plate Megan made.

Super cute bibbs and onesie for Baylor

Another cute plate Megan painted

I can't believe Megan made this! Love it!

Such beautiful, wonderful, sweet friends. All the hostesses and I.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Proof that we aren't as boring as you may think...

This Saturday after 8 hours of parenting and baby class, we switched gears and went to our friend's Autumn and Patrick's Wedding Shower.

It felt like it had been forever since we had gotten to hang out with our friends, and we definitely hadn't seen Autumn in Patrick for months. It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and spending our Saturday night out socializing. With others.

From Left to right: me, Julie, Phoenix, Amanda, and Mere

me and Amanda

Matt and I

The Happy Couple- Patrick and Autumn. They had been posing but I missed it and got this candid instead.
 Autumn and Patrick racked up on lots of great gifts for their home, tons of stuff they will need for 'married life'. We got them a hand held vacuum. Very exciting, but hey, I think they liked it!

So there you have it, photographic proof that we do have a life (kinda) outside preparing for baby stuff. I just usually suck at taking pictures to prove this point!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My life lately according to my iphone

 Two weekends ago, I went to Atlanta for one last trip home to visit my family before I get too big to travel and/or Baylor comes. I had fun spending time with my parents, and was able to meet up with one of my best friends Amanda. I left straight from work that Friday, the day of my work baby shower, so I had tons of gifts from my co-workers. Then I went to my mom's and saw just how much stuff she had picked up for Baylor also. Then I met up with Amanda and got tons of presents and hand me downs from her. My car and my trunk were both full of stuff. It was awesome!

I don't know if you can call it nesting yet, but we have been working on lots of projects in our home. Getting outdoor patio furniture for the front porch was one of them. I just want to get a plant or something cute to put on the table and I think I will be done. At least outside. Ha!

This week we went and visited our friends Jay and Keri, who recently had their baby, Collier. He was so sweet and had such a great temperament. They say he hardly ever cries. Let's hope Baylor's like that. Yeah, I won't hold my breath on that one. Matt was a natural with Collier though.

We had parenting class Saturday and this is Matt wearing the sympathy belly. It weighs 25lbs, which is about what I have gained so far, and he put it on and quickly took it off after realizing how heavy and uncomfortable it was. I didn't blame him!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I can't believe we are in the single digit countdown!
I'm a little behind (what's new?), so this is really a farewell to week 31, as I turn 32 weeks tomorrow. Oh well.

How Far Along: 31 weeks, 6 days
Weight Gain: 24lbs
Sleep: Still no complaints, getting more tired during the day though. Naps have made a fierce comeback
Best Moment this week: Went to the doctor and was confirmed that he is still doing great, growing perfect! We are measuring right on or about 1 week ahead.
Food Cravings: I am trying to cut out the sweets and eat a little better since the scale keeps going up and up (which is fine I just don't want to go overboard)
Movement: I am starting to feel body parts moving around (like specific limbs). And it is really weird. And I still love it.
Milestones: Matt and I took our Preparing for Parenthood class today and learned all about delivery, post delivery, and newborns. It was very interesting!
What I miss: A cold turkey sandwich from Jimmy Johns.
What I am looking forward to: This upcoming week is Matt's work baby shower and my baby tea. I can't wait to see everyone!
Workouts: I'm back on track this week with a total of 4 workouts.

Other details:
-Baylor is getting so big I am starting to have some major aching almost constantly in my ribs, especially on the left side. I am pretty sure it's all my organs being pushed up as the he gets bigger.
-Still having back pain but the Chiropractor works wonders
-My feet/ankles have begun to swell on several occasions. They look nasty!
-My belly button is holding at even. Still not all the way out, not in either.