Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I know I'm getting older when...

-I'm in bed by 9pm on a weeknight and on the weekends I "sleep in" until 8:30

-I no longer watch "The Real World"

-I wear pearl earrings regularly instead of large hoops

-I often think the TV or music is turned up too loud. "It's hurting my ears!"

-I will have my I.D. ready to show my birth date when purchasing alcohol and the cashier says "I don't need it."

-I used to go out to the bars around 11pm. now I have stayed out late if I was out until 11pm

-I haven't been to Waffle house or Krystal in over a year

-Grocery shopping is fun

-When I check my friends' Facebook pictures instead of the crazy weekend party pictures its of their babies and children

-I get excited to decorate the house for different seasons or holidays

-I don't wear skinny pants or neon clothes

-There was no "emo" type when I was in school

-I make references back to when I was in school

-I don't know who Gucci Man is. Or if I even spelled that right.

-I'd rather wear flats than heels

-When I meet someone in a bar who thinks 23 is "old". Not that I'm even near 23 anymore!

-I look back on all the fun and crazy stuff I did and still think my life is only getting better and better

What about you? What makes you realize that you are getting older?


  1. I feel old when I spend one night "out on the town" and it takes me a week to recover! <--still recovering!

  2. Okay...I was going to correct you on your spelling of Gucci Mane, evcen though I have no clue who he is.

    and add to you list, when you can spend Friday and Saturday night at home and are completely content!!! Yep, that getting old!

  3. I'm totally with you on all these things. I especially like the one about looking back on the crazy fun times but still know that life is getting sweeter and sweeter! So true. I wouldn't trade where I'm at or "getting older" for anything!