Thursday, November 1, 2012

6 Months (and a couple days)

Half a year. I can NOT believe we have had this sweet baby in our lives half a year. Gosh, time flies sooo quick I just wish I could grab onto time and make it stop for a bit. This is such a wonderful age and it is amazing to see how much Baylor grows and changes each day.  He is getting hard to get to sit still, as you can see in the picture above. Seriously, that was the best I could get!! lol. Okay, now for the details:
-I think* Baylor weighs around 17 or more pounds
-He is wearing size 3 diapers
-Size 6-9 month clothes
-Is now sleeping all night long in his crib! The whole sleep training ordeal was a mess but once we just went with the flow, he started to sleep better. He has began to sleep on his stomach which I think helps. I know the teething thing is a big threat to all of this!!
-Speaking of teeth, he has two coming in on the bottom
-He can roll over and uses this as his means of transportation. He rolls all over the place. We can put him down in one place look back two seconds later and he is no where near there!
-He can sit up all by himself.  He can still be a bit wobbly, but overall does pretty well
-He is trying to crawl, but has not quite got it yet.  He kinda just "swims" on the floor and tries to push his booty up in the air, but isn't on all fours.
-He LOVES Elmo.
-He is grasping things and has a death grip at times. A lot of times this death grip is on my hair. Ouch!
-He smiles at everyone pretty much all the time. He also likes to yell loud at times and then laugh at himself. It's pretty darn funny.
-His jumperoo is still the greatest thing ever. He is obsessed. He would play in it forever if we let him.
-He is starting to reach for us at times and he will kind of hug you back when you hold him. It is soo sweet.
I could go on and on about all the wonderful things about this sweet baby. He really is such a laid back, happy guy.  We are so so very blessed. Happy 6 months Baylor!

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  1. I guessing by the size of those thighs in comparison to B's he is about 17...just like my whopper sqishy man! So hard to believe they are getting so big!!

    Just wait until he is crawling...start baby proofing now!!! And we have two teeth coming in...loads of fun!