Monday, May 3, 2010

Beach trip

So after I wrote my post moaning and groaning about how I needed/wanted a vacation my good friend Maria emails me and invites me along for her mother's 60th birthday beach trip. I swear, I got the email while I was writing the post! Isn't it funny how things work out?! So of course I took the opportunity to hit the beach with a great friend, her mother, cousins, and a few other girls this past weekend.

Maria's cousin Daree owns a beach house in Sandestin, Florida. I honestly would have been more than happy to stay in a shack so long as we were near the beach, but this house was amazing!! Daree was so kind to let us stay there, and I'm glad she was able to come as well. She honestly made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable while we were there. She even made us homemade Biegnets and eggs Benedict one morning! How lucky were we?!

So it ended up being Maria, her mother, her cousins Daree and Dalana, Dalana's friend Jenny, and a couple of Maria's mothers friends, Lynn and Jennifer, and I. When we arrived Thursday night to Maria's mother and her friend's drinking wine and talking about having had some drinks bought for them earlier in the night, we knew we were in for a great time!

Unfortunately, even after many many prayers and requests for good weather we didn't see much sunshine. Friday morning it was windy and it began to rain hard that afternoon. Maria and I headed into Destin to do some retail therapy to take our weather woes away. We later checked out the restaurant Tommy Bahamas which was really good as well! Though the weather didn't look much better Saturday, sans rain, we still decided to head to the beach and hang out. Even though the sun wasn't out often, it ended up being a great day and we did get a little bit of sun. That night we ate at Mellow Mushroom, which Daree owns (by the way) and it was soo good! I highly recommend eating there next time your in Destin, or just near one. After dinner we headed to RumRunners, a piano bar in Sandestin. We told them it was Maria's mothers' birthday and the more than happily called her up on stage and sang to her. She was such a great sport! I'll tell you one thing, Maria's mom is NOT your typical 60 year old woman! She is beautiful. No really, she got hit on several times while we were at the bar, and no one else did. That's how beautiful she is! I really hope she had a great weekend celebrating her birthday. (I think she did.)

So yesterday we headed home and it was so nice to be at home relaxing on the couch with Matt, Gracie and Max (our fur children in case you didn't know). I had a great weekend and am so thankful to Maria for inviting me to this trip and to her cousin Daree for letting us stay with her. Though it has been a great few weekends, I'm now finally ready to settle down and stay at home for the next few weeks!

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