Monday, September 20, 2010

What an AUsome time!

This weekend we headed to the great plains also known as Auburn, Alabama. Most of my friends and I graduated and left Auburn in 2005 and we only get to come back about 1 time a year so it's always amazing to visit and see what has changed, and boy has Auburn changed! The town has gotten much larger and has added so many new places and buildings and businesses. They now have a transit system which runs specifically at night to take people from their homes to the bars. I can't even imagine how great this would have been when we were there!

We left Friday straight from work and made it to our old stomping grounds around 6ish. We met up with several of our friends and had dinner and then later went out to hit the local bar scene.We decided to ride the transit downtown Friday night and it was so nice to not have to worry about who's driving and finding parking places, etc. Most of the bars have changed or aren't there anymore that were once around when I was a student but I was very happy to see that one bar hadn't changed named Bourbon Street. We headed there Friday night and had a blast. We felt like young college kids until we'd meet people and a.) they had no clue a ring on your left hand means your married and/or b.) we'd try to explain we were older and they would guess our age at 23, which really? Do they believe 23 is old!? It was still a blast and we got to see a girl fight on the transit ride home which was pretty hilarious. The poor driver just acted like nothing happened as the girls are rolling around on the bus fighting. Guess he probably sees a whole lot of stuff that late at night!

Saturday we got up bright and early to tailgate. We headed to our friends Tiffany and Keith's family tailgate which was awesome. They have been tailgating a very long time and I think they really have it down! It was tailgating at it's finest. They had a huge tent, plenty of chairs, games to play, a TV, and food. It was great to see Tiffany and Keith who currently live in Oklahoma, and meet their baby Sawyer who is precious! We also got to see some other great friends we hadn't seen in awhile as well. The game started at 6 and boy was it a nerve racking game! Auburn played terrible for the first half but came back the second half looking like a new team. Luckily though, we won in overtime!

We headed back to Birmingham Sunday morning and I had to attend my soon to be sister-in-law Megan's bridal tea. It was very nice and I hope she had a great time. She got some great presents and had a good turnout!

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  1. It was great to see you guys! We had lots of fun! And thank the Lord we won -- War Eagle!