Saturday, January 22, 2011

Busy + Writers Block = Bad for Blogging.

Along with a bad case of writers block, I seem to have hit the ground running in 2011 without much time to take a breath. I feel like I have been busier than usual at work and it seems to be the same in my personal life. You would think with all the craziness that I would have a lot to talk about but this is not so true!
Just thought I would give a quick update to what we have been up to lately....

-I am training for my first half marathon which I am running in the end of April with my cousin Liz. That will be 13.1 miles!! I have been doing my best to build up my stamina and train for quicker and longer runs than I usually do. All has been going well except I am a big baby and don't like running outside (oh the treadmill and Oprah are such a nice combination). I have plans to start running more outside soon, though. We are running the Country Music Half Marathon which is in Nashville April 30th. Stay tuned for more details, I will continue to keep you updated on how it is going....

-My mother recently had surgery (nothing major or too serious) but I went home during the snow/ice stuff to stay with and take care of her. I had a great relaxing weekend in Atlanta with her a couple weekends ago for this. Thankfully everything went okay and she is doing great!

-During the snow/ice period we had a lot of fun playing in it with our neighbors Mitch and Amanda. We went sledding and busted our butts (literally, I did) and hands and faces (poor Mitch!). It was a blast and well worth the injuries!

-Have had a couple fun girls' nights over the past two nights. I never forget how awesome my girls are and how lucky I am to have such amazing friends to hang out and spend time with. Oh yeah, and I learned I can't drink too much Champagne punch, it may start out sweet and yummy but it will leave you feeling burned and like crap later! lol!

-Matt and I have been having a lot of fun date nights thanks to the different sponsors from Christmas, aka people who gave us gift cards. We have seen a couple movies and eaten at some great restaurants. I am loving this special time with the hubs. OH yeah, and don't believe the critic reviews, True Grit was boring and we loved Country Strong!

-Lastly, and MOST important, my Auburn Tigers are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! We were not able to make it to the game, however, we had a great time watching it while being snowed in with Mitch and Amanda. After the win, we rolled the tree in our front yard just like Toomer's Corner. It feels great to be the CHAMPIONS! I am so proud to be part of the AUburn family. I believe in Auburn and love it!

Hope you all have been doing well and I will try to no longer be such a slacker on the blog. In case you care! haha! Stay tuned for more updates and blogs!

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