Friday, January 28, 2011

Country Music Marathon

I may be losing my mind. Seriously. I officially have signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon. It is going to be April 30th in Nashville, Tennessee. I will be running it with my cousin Liz and my sister-in-law Megan. A few other friends (Mere, Bethanny) may possibly be joining us as well! The trip began as a tiny spark of interest in Decemeber after hearing from a co-worker who was interested in running in it. The spark grew and grew as I researched and looked more into the race. I became excited thinking about running such a long and challenging distance. Finally at the end of December I along with my cousin Liz decided we would really do it. Liz has run 4 half marathons in the past so I am using her experience and training advice as much as I can. She is being a great sport about helping me get ready to run the 13.1 miles. Yep, thats right 13.1 miles! It will be a very hard feat but the goals and reasons I have for running it are very personal and I think it will be worth all the sweat and effort put into it.

I have been running since my freshman year in college. I have been pretty consistent over the years but have had brief periods when I stopped (the longest being probably 6 months). I usually run about 4-5 miles 4-5 times a day on my treadmill. Though I am used to running I have not pushed myself to increase my speed much or my distance. I do not run outside as much as I should. This is one of the good things of running the half--that am now changing what has been a standard work-out for me. I find it fun pushing myself to make a quicker time or run a longer distance. The hill training is also something I am working on, which I gotta be honest and admit it is hard!

Currently I am running about 4 days a week. I run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I run the longer runs on Saturdays. I am building up each week by adding a mile to my distance. I plan on running 6 miles on Saturday. Up until now I have been averaging about 4-5 miles per run, sometimes running 3. My plan is to get to where I can run about 10 miles before the race.

I will try to keep everyone updated on how the training is going and what I am doing as I go. Wish me luck!!


  1. So excited!!! Even guilt tripped me into to strapping the old runnign shoes back on. Also, if you have an iphone get the nike plus app. It tracks your progress and gps' your run. Its awesome!!!

  2. Paige I am excited you will be there running it also! I have the Run Tracker Pro app on my iPhone which does the same thing. I love it!