Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life with a newborn

Lately we have just been trying to adjust to our new life with a baby. It is so strange how your life is one way for so many years and it immediately changes when the baby arrives, and you quickly forget how the old life you lived used to be. And you don't miss it one bit!

Matt went back to work this week and my mother has come to stay for a few days to help me transition to taking care of Baylor by myself. It has been so nice to have her help and she has been teaching/showing me how to do simple things with Baylor by myself (ie taking him to the grocery store). The visitors have begun to taper off (other than my mother being here the past couple days), which has also been able to give us a glimpse into life as the 3 of us as it will be. It feels great getting into a routine with Baylor and our new life.

So far, we have been BLESSED by a wonderful baby who sleeps well at night. I wake him up every 3-4 hours to nurse, and he usually goes right back to sleep. We usually get to sleep by about 9:30.  Matt and I have been averaging about 8 hours of sleep each night, I of course getting a little less than he since I have to take a good 45 minutes at a time to nurse him, but I have been able to nap pretty much daily when he does. Our pediatrician says that when Baylor turns 4 weeks old we can stop waking him up to eat and allow him to sleep as long as he wishes. I am eager for this to happen because I think he will continue to be a great sleeper (fingers crossed!).

During the day he takes a couple naps and we have lots of playtime. He likes to lay on his playmat and check things out. He's very alert and enjoys looking around at bright objects or toys that make lots of noise. He's overall a pretty happy baby.

He also likes to be read to.

 Since my mom came into town a couple nights ago, she watched Baylor last night and allowed Matt and I to go on our first date night since Baylor was born. I choked back tears leaving him, but it was great to get out and spend time with Matt.

My mom with Baylor
Date night WITH alcoholic beverages! Wohoo!

As far as my recovery, I am doing good. I have lost all my pre-pregnancy weight other than about 7lbs. I was super excited to try on some of my old clothes and find that they fit yesterday! I really think working out during the whole pregnancy helped along with the breast feeding, which I feel like we do a whole lot. I am eager for the 6 week mark when I get the okay from the doctor to resume exercise. I have been craving a good long run and can't wait to get back into exercising. Now, we shall see if I actually have time to do this......
Yay! No more pregnant clothes!
Again, thank you all for your kind words and support during this time--it feels so great to recieve so much love from everyone! We are doing great and are just loving spending time with our little angel.


  1. Love the paci! Hate you and your skinny booty! I know your mom is loving this sweet loving time with little man! :)

  2. awww, Baylor is so cute! I'm glad to hear everything is going well and you are looking fabulous! Motherhood looks good one you :)

  3. I really was t to kick your butt...I am hoping this working out thing helps. So glad you are adjusting...and that beef looks fabulous. I know it tasted GREAT!!! Baylor is precious and I know you guys are loving every minute.

  4. You slimmed down so quick! Look at you! And I'm so glad everything is going wonderfully with little Baylor! You look like one happy Mama!

  5. So glad to hear things are going so well! Sounds like he is an awesome sleeper and will hopefully stay that way! You look fantastic ~ and the last 7 lbs. will fall off in no time. Especially breastfeeding. Glad to hear that is going good too.

  6. I'm so glad parenthood is treating you so well. I knew it would though. I can't even imagine the transition but am sure it is exciting. I can only pray any future children of mine are sleepers. If they take after me they will be champions. Enjoy this awesome time!

  7. eeee! He's so cute and I love the name. congratulations! I haven't been by in a while. And congrats on dropping all the weight! :)