Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Talk Numbers

When I became pregnant, I knew I would gain weight. I was basically trying to work out often and crossing fingers that the scale didn't go up too much and the weight stayed mostly in the belly region. I do think I got lucky, because I definitely didn't eat as healthy as I should have, and I did tend to gain mostly in the stomach. However, I did gain a total of 34lbs at the time I had Baylor. Which was great and led me to have a healthy baby.

But now that means that weight must come off.

I have always heard about breastfeeding and "oh how quickly the weight will fall off if you do it" or how you "burn 1600 calories per day!". Truth is, I think breastfeeding helps, but the experience as related to weight loss differs from woman to woman.

After having such a big belly, once I delivered Baylor I thought almost immediately I was looking good. I mean, a little bump sure is better than the big one I was toting around at 39 weeks! I was eager to weigh myself a mere 2-3 days after having him, while I was still in the hospital. To my dismay I had at that time only lost 10lbs. "But 10lbs?!" I thought, the baby weighed almost 9! What gives!?

Luckily, by about 2 weeks post-delivery I was down almost all of my weight. I had lost about 26lbs and the weight was pretty much falling off like everyone had said. But then I hit a plateau. I didn't think much about it and just figured that since I only had about 8lbs to go that it would just be more gradual than the other lbs that had come off so quickly. 

So I waited, a few weeks. And waited some more. I lost another pound. That's it.

Alright, so yes, I know I am probably talking crazy because as I type this Baylor has just turned 8 weeks old, but I want my old body back! And I want it back ASAP! I have also read that when you are breastfeeding, your body may hold onto the last 5lbs or so as almost an emergency energy reserve. But I can't let that be an excuse! I gotta fit back into my clothes. Comfortably!

At 4 weeks post pardom my doctor gave me the okay to work out. I ran a few times, up to even about 3 miles. I still wasn't seeing any weight loss, but I wasn't really eating well either.

So I have now stepped it up. I have started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, which I have used in the past and loved. And I am running about 1 mile 3-4 times on top of that. I have started to count my calories.  I heard that exercise and cutting calories could effect my milk supply, but so far I haven't noticed any issues (fingers crossed). I have lost another 2lbs with a total of about 5 to go before I will be content.

I know this is all vain to talk about, but it is important for me to be honest with how I feel. And I do like the way I look now and feel great, I just want to be back 100% to my old self. And if that only takes losing 5 more lbs, than I can do that easily. Hopefully.


  1. love the honesty..I am down to 6lbs to lose and I will be honest, those first lbs that go on during the first trimester are the hardest to lose. I have adopted the method of 1) veing patient,it did take nine months to do this damage ans 2) work out and eat right. i established a great balance during the past year and need to stick to it. Slowly I am fitting back into my regular clothes, it just takes time. But I do feel ya. I worked hard to lose the weight from Amelia, worked hard during preganacy to maintain a healthy weight and will work hard to get things back to "nornal"

  2. Wow! You're doing great though! I know you must be frustrated, but the weight will come off soon enough :)

  3. Thought I would share my experiences. I gained right at around 37 lbs. with both my boys. All but about 10 lbs. fell off within the first couple of weeks. And the last 10 finally fell off around 12-14 weeks. I know this because I was able to fit back in all my old clothes comfortably right around when I started back to work. I'll consider myself a lucky one because I didn't do anything to lose it - except breastfeed. But like you said, it's different for everyone. Don't be too hard on yourself - those last 5 lbs. will be gone soon enough! :)