Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adventures of the Birmingham ladies and the impromptu pub crawl

All week long I had been so excited for Saturday. I had made plans with a couple of my best girl friends to go early morning to the Pepper Place in Birmingham, which is the Saturday Farmer's Market. After the Farmer's Market we were going to go eat brunch and then head to the pool. To my dismay, as I woke up Saturday morning it was raining and thunder storming. So we, being the laid-back go-with-the-flow kinda girls that we are decided not to let the rain stand in the way of a day of fun and we decided to skip the Farmer's Market and head directly to brunch.

We decided to meet at Jackson's Restaurant in SoHo, a part of Birmingham around 10:00 am. We were very excited to be informed that Jackson's had a special on Mimosa's for the day. Well, we do not need to be persuaded to have a Mimosa or two (or three or four) especially when they are on special and we would not be rude enough to turn this offer down. So we had a great brunch and shared a lot of laughs and good fun (i.e. Meredith rapping). A few hours later (you know how when girls get together time can just fly by) we decided to leave but didn't want to end the fun.

We tried to check out a new bar nearby called WXYZ but for some reason it wasn't open at noon on Saturday. Geez what were they thinking!? We then walked across the street and took a pit stop after Amanda and Mere spotted a kitty in the sewer. Laying on the ground and actually convincing a complete stranger to do the same with them they tried to coerce the kitty out of the gutter. After several attempts to "save" the kitty and to their dismay, they were unsuccessful and we left the kitty in the gutter. Bethany and I then decided we needed to check out the new yogurt bar called Tutti Fruiti. Apparently yogurt bars are huge right now and I certainly won't be complaining about this. They are amazing! And so was Tutti Fruiti.

After leaving Tutti Fruiti we walked down the street to go to Oak Hill Bar. Mere decided it didn't smell good so we moved on to Mama Goldberg's, aka Mama G's. We got a few pitchers of beer and sat outside for a little bit (it had stopped raining). We later moved into the restaurant after it got extremely hot and we needed refills for our drinks. Of course we had to have Mama G's famous nachos and I got my favorite sandwich Turkey Delight. I'm pretty sure we scared the young men who worked at Mama G's after trying to quiz them about the original Mama G's which is located in Auburn. It really bothers me that Mama G's has become a franchise and there are people working for them that are not Auburn fans, nor have visited the original hole in the wall location which holds a special place in mine and all other true Auburn fans' hearts. One guy said he had been to the original but the line was too long to wait. What a load of crap! Duh, everyone knows you have to wait in the long line at Mama G's, its a rite of passage and should be demanded for all workers of any Mama G's, regardless of the location of their store. I thought it was necessary for me to stress this to the Mama G's workers as well, I'm not sure if they understood the seriousness of this..... Okay, focus Jessica. So we had a blast at Mama G's and decided it was time to move on again.

Next stop was at Fuego, a Mexican bar/restaurant. By this point it was around 4 pm or so and we were all having a great time. I wore my sunglasses in the restaurant. Hey, don't judge, it was bright in there! We all had a few margaritas (definitely try the Watermelon Margarita if you go there made with real watermelon juice) and then a lot of water before calling it a night.

I ended up getting home to see Matt who had been playing golf all day with the guys. They ended up having to come home early after it began to rain again. I gave him the advice that he should have received a rain check to play again but he said that since they already played 27 holes of golf they wouldn't qualify for a rain check. Well, darn Matt.

After catching up on Jersey Shore (a MUST) I passed out at 8pm. For the night. I was tired. It's a tough life here in Birmingham but some one's gotta do it.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well as I did.

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