Monday, August 16, 2010

For the Witches, Wicans, Magicians, or just for a good laugh

My co-workers and I stumbled upon this gem of a magazine a previous nurse had left behind after working her shift this morning and still haven't been able to stop looking and laughing at it since. The magazine is called "The Pyramid Collection: Myth, Magick (that's how its spelled), Fantasy & Romance". I first saw one of my co-workers reading it and became excited. "Oh is that a Halloween magazine!? I love Halloween!". She laughed and replied that she at first believed it to be a Halloween magazine but with further reading realized it is a serious magazine that specializes in--you guessed it: Myth, Magic, Fantasy & Romance. After reading it several times and getting MANY good laughs, I thought I would share this with others for a few good laughs on a Monday morning. I took these pics with my iphone so some are fuzzy, but I will try to translate what the picture is.

Let us begin with the necklace of the top left of this pictures. It is named "love bites" and is a choker with red jewels dangling from the necklace to appear as if blood is dripping down one's neck. Lovely. Then as we look to the middle right side of the page there is a glass that says "Friends don't let friends drink friends". I feel this makes a perfect Christmas or birthday present for a loved one-- very appropriate.

Okay, I am totally skipping the glasses that look like spider webs to focus on the more serious item here. These stockings look like spider webs. They even glow in the dark! The best part is the caption next to them that says "Spider Woman. Only got two legs? These will make up for 'em". Okay, wow, are there people who are wanting more than two legs?! Whaa? For the low price of only $12.95 these can be yours, and don't forget they do glow in the dark.

On to a much more serious item. These are lovely crystal earrings. The best part of this item is that it is an "energy amplifier" and can "heal, energize, and (best of all) has the power to enhance psychic ability".

Next up is the velvet cloak. Or the cane with the red crystal ball. So appropriate for all occasions.

And I will end with my personal favorite, the purple and black cape. The title says "Dress to Impress" and I'm sure that's exactly what will happen if you go out in public wearing a cape on any day other than Halloween. The description says (with my added comments in parenthesis) "momentous occasions call for raiment, dignified and appropriate(when is a cape NOT appropriate?!). To that end we present our formal cape: fully hooded (cause you gotta have one of those) and reversible (because you don't want to be seen in the same cape color 2xs in a row)...tailored with convenient arm openings (oh thank god)...generously cut for graceful drape "(graceful and cape should never be in the same sentence or paragraph).

Be sure to let me know if you want me to order you and one of these items which are so useful I'm sure you'll get your money's worth.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Make sure and order me some of them there glow in the dark stockings to go with my Fundies you were supposed to pick up for me! :)