Monday, October 11, 2010

What's been going on

We have been pretty busy lately! Last weekend we went to Atlanta to hang out with my family and relax. We arrived Friday evening around 7:30. My mom recently moved and this was our first time to check out her new place. We love it! My mom has an amazing knack at decorating and it seems like she makes everywhere she lives seem to feel homey and comfortable. This new place is no exception. We went to a nearby (as in across the street walking) pizza place Friday night and enjoyed some amazing food and a few drinks. After, we walked home and ended up heading to be early.

Saturday we did a little shopping (thankfully for Matt I didn't find anything to purchase!) and came home to watch the Bama vs. South Carolina game. Around half-time of the game we headed to my dad's house to watch the 2nd half and watch our Auburn Tigers play. We grilled out and had a great time.

Now, I'm a true Auburn fan. It began just out of high school when I went to Camp War Eagle for 3 days where new incoming Auburn students stay in the dorms, learn Auburn traditions, go to the stadium to learn and practice Auburn cheers and fight songs, and bask in the Auburn way of life. Since that weekend, I have felt part of the Auburn family and am 100% loyal to that family and school. Therefore, as an Auburn fan, I despise The University of Alabama, as they are our rivals. So, when the undefeated since 2008, former National Champs lost this past weekend to South Carolina (whom we already have beat this season) I was elated! I love my friends who have made the mishap of going to, or loving UA, however, I think they must understand that with my love for Auburn comes my hatred for UA (not them, though, of course!). So needless to say, I was in an awesome mood Saturday night. Until that is, my Tigers gave me a heart attack by having such a close game with Kentucky. Thankfully, I believe in Auburn and love it, and they pulled through with a win to make our season a 6-0 record so far. I must admit my anxiety about this upcoming weeks game against Arkansas, but I will keep the faith and believe in my team.

Sunday, we headed back to Birmingham around lunchtime. I'm pretty sure I mentioned in the past about my broken camera mishaps and I'm happy to report that this issue was resolved finally yesterday at Best Buy when my camera was replaced with a new and improved model. So, though it was sad to see my old camera break and not to have it for a couple weeks, it worked out well when Best Buy gave me a newer and better model. Thanks Best Buy! Last night we relaxed and watched some of our favorite shows (the Amazing Race, Undercover Boss).

Today is exciting for me because after work, Matt and I are going to Williams Orchard, a place in Springville, Al to pick out our pumpkin, some Mums, and hopefully some fresh fruits and vegetables. We are also having dinner with some of our best friends as well so hopefully it will be a great night!
Happy Monday everyone! Oh and to those who are off today, happy day off! (you suck! ;) )

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  1. I too was glad to see Bama go down. And that our tigers pulled out another close game! War Eagle.