Monday, November 1, 2010

New Ride

The sad part about my car accident is that my car was paid off and I didn't have a payment. The good part of my wreck other than the fact that I was okay, is that I got to get a new car! After being at the mercy of my husbands schedule and having him drop me off and pick me up from work (ugh, he works longer hours than I usually do) we quickly realized that we needed to car shop ASAP. I was pretty bummed because I really don't love many cars other than Honda Accords and some luxury cars which as a smart consumer I knew I shouldn't/couldn't afford. We began the car hunt pretty quickly looking at Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, and Mazdas. I quickly knew that a Honda Accord was what I wanted. Thanks to the suggestion of our good friend Chad, we decided to check out Carmax. Prior to going to Carmax we didn't know much about them other than they advertise how they are different from the other car dealerships. Well, they are so right! We were amazed at how laid back the people were, letting us browse at our discretion and actually having the no-haggle (they really don't/won't haggle!) price on the vehicles. The process of test driving the car was quick, as they have the keys on the car in a lock-box and so you don't have to wait on the salesman to go find them which was very convenient. Once we test drove the car we liked, it took maybe a total of 30 minutes to do the paperwork and we were out of there with a brand new car! Of course I went with a Honda Accord and we love it!! I look forward to driving now! I really would recommend going to Carmax to buy a used car if you are in the market. They truly are different than other dealerships.

Here is the link to my Carmax owner website which has pictures of my new ride!

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