Sunday, December 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Now I realize that Christmas is not about receiving but about giving. With that being said, I wanted to share some awesome gifts that I did receive this year that I am super excited about. Thank you to all my friends and family for giving me such awesome and thoughtful gifts. I love them all!

-InStyler Rotater Hair Iron. Okay, so I once laughed at the funny infomercials thinking of how there is no way this thing works. But, if you know me well, you realize I like to research things before buying, eating, etc. So I did for this item-and the reviews were great. And I agree! I LOVE this thing. It has cut down my hair styling time and is so easy and makes my hair look great. I don't have to style it at all other than using this Iron. It rocks! I can straighten it or curl my hair in just a few minutes. Goodbye straightening iron!

-A fossil watch from Matt's dad and step-mom. I used to wear a watch all the time and for some reason I haven't in a few years. I am so excited to use my new watch and I love this classic and stylish design.

-New grey suede "booties" (or short boots) from my father and some skinny jeans from GAP (from Matt) with stirrups. Yes, you have heard that right! Jeans with stirrups. And yes, I realize that is so 80s and laughable, but, my friends, you will not see the stirrups because I will wear them with one of the several pairs of boots I own. If you have ever worn your skinny jeans tucked into your boots you will may realize what a pain in the you-know-what it can be when your jeans bunch up around the ankles or rise up out of the jeans (bunch at the knees). So this should be an instant fix without giving away that my jeans are actually stirrups. And the booties are super cute and stylish and I can't wait to wear them soon!

-A gift certificate to the spa from Matt's dad and step-mom-Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Wohoo! My aching back and neck also thankyou.

-Sharper Image Stainless Steel Stick Blender from Matts mom. This thing blends, chops, and mixes so easily. You can just stick in it a bowl or glass to mix or blend. So easy! No need to get out tons of pieces to put together in order to make a smoothie or to mix anything. Just stick this item in the mix and hit power!

-A new Brighton charm bracelet from Nick and Megan. I have never had a charm bracelet and am excited to start collecting charms. To start the bracelet off they got me a Georgia peach charm. How thoughtful!

-A BUNCH of new clothes from Matt, my dad and step-mom. Thanks to them I will be lookin' good in 2011.

-An awesome embroidered beach towel from my mom. This thing rocks! It has a pocket to hold it onto the top of the beach chair to prevent it from sliding down. It also has two small pockets on the sides by where your arms will be to put in your suntan lotion, phone, etc. And it's pink!

-An embroidered wine carrier from Phoenix. I have been eying these things forever and am so glad to have one. And its orange and navy! War Eagle!

Okay, I have to draw the line here because I could keep going on and on and on. I was so blessed to receive so many amazing gifts. I hope the ones we gave made people as happy as I am! The biggest gift I probably received though I haven't mentioned yet. It is....(drum roll please)....

A trip to New Orleans for my birthday in April from my sweet and wonderful husband! He knows just how much I love New Orleans and what an awesome surprise that was! I can not wait!!

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