Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Breakfast Club.

For the second time a few girlfriends and I decided to have breakfast, or brunch, and it ended up being an all day event. It started when a few best friends and I decided we would meet up at a restaurant called Silvertron in Birmingham while the boys were out playing golf. The weather was beautiful, the food and drinks were great, and so was the company. We met up around 10:00 am and started off with a few mimosa pitchers and some great breakfast. The turning point was around 10:57 when our Waiter informed us that the mimosa "special" which we thought ended at 11am, actually was an all day deal. Well, we girls don't want to pass up a great opportunity for some cheap drinks (and to also get in some vitamin C, duh) and more time to chit chat so we decided to stay, and to keep supporting the wonderful restaurant of course.
Around lunchtime we decided to change venues and enjoy the beautiful weather and headed over to a place called Jackson's in SoHo Square in downtown Homewood. Jackson's is one of my favorite restaurants with its awesome food and amazing atmosphere. We got a table outside and enjoyed the weather. While we were there we ran into Ryan Shoemaker, Auburn's Punter. We got our picture made with him (check Amanda's blog for pic's) and briefly chatted with him and his father (he was there with his girlfriend and mom also, but strangely we didn't talk to them much ;) ). As the dinner guests began to arrive at Jackson's, we decided it was time to call it a day. We met up with the boys, Matt and I grabbed a quick bite for dinner and passed out. It was a great Saturday! The weather sure was a nice tease, making me miss the days we can spend outside without a jacket!

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