Thursday, August 23, 2012


We have been busy as usual, but I thought I'd take a minute while I could to document the last few days/weeks. It's tough with a baby, they sure keep you busy!
We will start with the cutest thing alive. Baylor wore this shirt on Monday to school. It says "Older chicks dig me". When I picked him up that day he had peed on his shirt.  I had to tell him, "Baylor if you pee on yourself, older chicks may not dig you".  But then he started to stick his tongue out and smile at another little baby girl around his age.  True story. Guess he doesn't like the older chicks.
We also recently got him a high chair and he loves it. Like he will stick his tongue out and smile at the same time he loves it so much. 

Here's photographic proof that I do have a personal life outside of Baylor. Tuesday we went to Chow Down with the girls at a restaurant named Five. It was delicious and the company was great! It was fun getting out with the girls!

Hello red face.

This drink may or may not have been the cause of my red face. It was a strawberry lemonde and there may or may not have been some liquor in it. I'll let you guess. It was amazing. 
And now back to my obsession sweet baby boy. He's so damn cute. I try to get in as much play time with him as I can. On that note, he just woke up....time to play!


  1. He is growing so fast!!! Seriously aren't they the best thing ever. Really what did you do before you had him?

  2. He is so cute!! And the obsession only gets worse.... ;)

  3. Love that shirt! He is so adorable!