Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend/Birthday Re-cap

We have had a great weekend so far.

Originally we were supposed to go to Destin with Matt's family for the long weekend. But as we got closer to the trip the weather appeared to look worse and worse (hello Tropical Storm Lee) and we decided last minute to re-schedule the trip for a few weekends out in hopes to avoid going to the beach in bad weather. Nothing is worse than getting to the beach and it raining the whole trip. Yuck.

So instead, Friday night we went to eat at Mugshots in Vestavia with Matt's family to celebrate he and his brother Nick's birthday. I had never been there but had heard great things, and was not disappointed. It was fantastic and I definitely recommend going there if you like burgers and live in Birmingham.

Matt's birthday was a success, and Auburn pulled out a very late (and scary) win.  We had several friends over to our house Saturday to watch football and celebrate Matt's birthday and had a great time.  In between games, we sat outside and watched the boys play Bocce Ball enjoying the nice, cooler weather. I love when the weather turns a little more cool, and we are starting to experience that some now. I didn't take many pictures Saturday, but here are a few that I did.

Ryan, Jay, Matt, and Mitch

Playing Bocce Ball

Amanda and I

Amanda, Ang, and me

me and the birthday boy

a worn out Gracie

Sunday and Monday (today) have been pretty wild. Daily activities have included watching television, wearing pajamas all day, reading at times, and napping at others. Pretty nice I must admit.

Tomorrow is back to reality, but for today, I'll enjoy my time off! Happy Labor Day!

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