Monday, October 24, 2011


Ever since the pregnancy test showed 2 pink little lines things have really changed for us, and I am sure they will continue to do so.  There have been changes for me (more on that on another post), changes for our relationship, lifestyle changes, changes in the baby growing inside of me (wow that sounds weird), and many, many more changes to come. Some of those changes will probably be in this blog. This blog really is all over the place, but it is mostly focused on my life and what is going on with it, whether it be the half marathon I ran in the spring, my random opinions on topics, or just what is going on in my life on a day to day (lately more like week to week) basis. So inevitably, with these huge changes in our lives they will most likely be reflected in this blog. I will try not to be all about baby, but truth be told that's what most of my life is about right now and a lot of what is on my mind. So if you have me stored as your favorite (haha, yeah right, who am I kidding?!) and no longer want to visit my blog as I become a blabbering pregnant lady I understand.

Okay, I digress....
We found our super early that we were pregnant (like 3 weeks pregnant) and were very hesitant to share the news since it was so soon. We scheduled a doctors appointment and nervously waited another 3 weeks for it.  Thankfully, everything went great and we were lucky enough to see the little flicker of the heartbeat.  The doctor gave us great odds for everything working out, as it is good to see the heartbeat so soon (so he says). At that point we decided to tell only immediate family.  This is how we told:

We took these pictures (see below) and emailed them to moms, dads, brothers, and sister-in-laws. We then called them and made them check their email while on the phone. Everyone was soo excited and shocked! It was such a wonderful night as we received calls and texts all night from our family asking all different types of questions and wanting to talk about the baby. It was great to already feel such support and love for our little one.

Surprise family! We are having a baby!

We then were still really cautious and decided to continue to keep the pregnancy a secret, until our next appointment at 9 1/2 weeks. At that appointment we had another ultrasound and saw the baby was healthy, still had a strong heartbeat, and was growing right on track.  We decided that we would finally spill the beans with our friends (who had been very, very suspicious already) that weekend. We went to a football party and I wore this shirt which said "Future Tiger" with an arrow pointing to my belly.  Our friends were very excited and not very surprised! ha! But it was still a fun way to come out of the 'baby closet'. 
Future Auburn Tiger!

We recently had our 3rd visit to the doctor last week and surprisingly had yet another ultrasound. I think we weren't supposed to (doctor said we would just hear the heartbeat on the doppler) but the doctor's office was very busy, so we somehow slipped through the cracks to get another ultrasound. Whatever the reasoning, we were definitely excited and up to see the baby again! It is amazing how much they change in just a few weeks.  

6 weeks...basically a blob

9 weeks...looks like a teddy bear to me! haha! We saw the baby kicking and moving a lot though so it was exciting to see that the baby was beginning to look more human-like.

12 weeks...holy cow! It looks just like a baby(--which it is, I know!) And how cute are his/her little legs crossed?? So sweet.

We feel so blessed and grateful for this baby and ask for your prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby. And of course, I will keep you all posted on updates!


  1. YAYAYAY! I'm so excited for you! This is so great :)

  2. SO excited for you, my dear! A baby is truly the greatest blessing every!!

    And the way you shared your news was just too cute! Great ideas!

    Oh! Since you need to be feeding you AND baby, you should come over to my blog and try to win some pizza :)

  3. Love your auburn shirt!

  4. It will def. become a baby blog because you will be in's the best ever! So excited for you and Matt!

  5. So excited! Can't wait to watch little Coleman grows!