Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spoiled Already...

Not only will Baby C have 4 sets of grandparents (yes, you read that correctly), 5 uncles, 3 aunts, 3 great grandmothers, and 1 great grandfather, but Baby C will be the first grandchild born on both sides of mine and Matt's family.  I think that means Baby C may have a pretty lush life, as there are so many family (and friends) who are very excited to meet (and possibly spoil) him/her.

Not only have we already gotten several sweet cards from family and friends, but we have already received a few presents for us/and the baby! I think this baby will be living the good life...;)

How cute! Matt's Dad and Debbie got us a wreath with an Auburn and Bama Bibb. Guess that Bama bibb will have to be used when they are at the grandparents house! ;)

My mom bought Baby C some Auburn Pacifiers- Can't wait to deck baby out in Auburn gear!

A blanket my mom knitted with a very cute and gender neutral duck hood. I can't wait to see this on the little one!

It has been so much fun to see how excited our family and friends have been over the baby.  It makes it more special for us. 

 *However, on a side note-- you can see a lot of the focus is on what team the baby will wear. Matt's dad, step-mom, mom, and brother Ryan love The University of Alabama.
My dad and brothers love the University of Georgia.
And Matt and I, along with his brother Nick, went to Auburn University. 
My mom roots for Auburn also.

It's gonna be very very interesting to see what team baby C ends up pulling for.
Obviously Matt and I will do our best to show our baby how amazing Auburn is. 
But really, how funny would it be if we had a child who didn't care at all about football??! Ha!*

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