Friday, April 6, 2012


How Far Along: 36 weeks, 5 days
Weight Gain: My doctors scale said only 30lbs so I'm going with that
Sleep: Still pretty good other than the 4-5 times I get up to pee!
Best Moment this week: knowing we only have a few weeks left until he arrives!
Food Cravings: same ol, same ol...sweets, duh.
Movement: Tons! he is moving all the time. Still love it!
Milestones: In 2 days he will be full term. The doctor now has begun to 'check' me for dialation and effacing (nothing going on yet though)
What I miss: booze. It's getting warm and I'd love a margarita! lol
What I am looking forward to: Him arriving!!!
Workouts: None this week! Went from 6 to 0! Hopefully this week coming up will be better!


  1. Oh!!! A good cold beer or glass of wine or three or four...okay that is what I have missed the most!!! You look great and cannot believe he is almost here!

  2. So glad things are still going well. You're getting so close! I'm afraid of how much I'll crave sweets when it is me. The cravings are almost constant as I am. Hope this week goes smoothly!