Sunday, April 1, 2012

How baby takes over....before even being here

Besides already taking over my blog, my body, my emotions, and the majority of my conversations, baby Baylor has already begun to take over our whole house. Not just like, oh yeah he has a nursery, like everywhere you look he has stuff and he isn't even here yet.

Here is proof that baby takes over, before even arriving. I can't imagine what our  home will look like once he actually a few weeks (!)

 Evidence 1: under the sink in the guest bath is tons of baby lotion, shampoo, medicine (gas drops anyone?), and health supplies. He has a huge bathtub which is currently sitting in the actual bathtub.

 Evidence 2: This is the guest room closet. In it is all of his toys and stuff we will use once he arrives and/or gets old enough. Such as the highchair, swings, play yard, bouncers, etc.

3: On our counter top waiting to be used is our bottle warmer and grass drying rack thingy. We also now have a large drying mat out as well.

4: In our hallway closet-- tons of blankets, towels, washcloths, and burp cloths.  

5: We have made room for bottles and bottle washing supplies in our kitchen cabinets. We also have drawers full of bibbs.  

 6: The big ol' pack n play that sits by the bed constantly reminding us that soon we will have someone who will sleep there.

It is hard to believe just how different our lives will be in just a few weeks. Things are already so different, I can't imagine how much more it will be. But it will be totally worth it and is so exciting! Baby Baylor we are ready for you to arrive! We just want you to wait until you are ready as well! :)


  1. Oh just gets worse. Much worse. The bigger they get the bigger the stuff. I feel like colorful plastic (along with all the baby stuff too) is in every room and corner of my house! And I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  2. How funny it must be to have your house taken over by things for someone you haven't met yet. You must be dying of curiousity. I really appreciate how your blog involves pregnancy and babies and is still interesting and accessible to people like me who aren't in the baby game yet.