Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cankles are cool, right?

One symptom of pregnancy that I thought I missed was the swelling. HA! Was I wrong.

With the heat making it worse, I have befallen to frequently having fat feet, ankles, and even legs. It's funny because you can't feel being swollen. You just look down and are like "woah!". 
Don't worry, my blood pressure is fine, just a normal symptom of pregnancy--doc says all is fine.

Here's a pretty normal looking ankle for me (a good ankle day ;) )....maybe still just a tad bit of swelling: 

 Annnddd my cankle and swollen...well, everything. Don't worry, I rested these puppies immediately and the swelling went down.
Doesn't it look like someone who weighs like 300lbs?? Crazy!


  1. Wow. I was lucky to escape the swelling both times. But I was super swollen after I had Sawyer. ?? I'm glad it doesn't hurt. And just a few more weeks...take it easy! :)

  2. I think your baby ankles are very sweet. I'm also glad they aren't painful.

  3. That looks like it hurts!! I fortunately did not have nay swelling until AFTER!!! I was pumped so full of fluid that my ankles looked like that for a week after Amelia was born....Hope they get better soon!