Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures at Wally World

Believe it or not, prior to attending Auburn University at the age of 18, I didn't have much experience with Walmart. I can only recall maybe one time having been to Walmart growing up, perhaps this is because Atlanta has so many other options or because my parents were smart enough to know what I now realize now about Walmart.

Auburn University is located in the small college town of Auburn, Alabama. Though it has grown a lot since I graduated, when I lived and attended college there was not a lot of places to shop at. Auburn is/was very rural (*Bama and UGA fans insert cow joke here) though now that is quickly changing. So, often when I needed to go shopping, we went on down to the Walmart Supercenter. And what a Supercenter it was! It had everything you needed all in one place! Dog food, dishes, exercise equipment, food, shampoo, pots, pans, clothes, automotive supply, and they even have an arts and crafts section! At 18 I thought Walmart was a great place. Everything was cheaper at Walmart than anywhere else. Why shop elsewhere?!

Now, I am older and wiser. I see that though Walmart does carry a lot of great cheap items, it may be better to just spend a little more somewhere else. I mean, what other place has numerous emails of pictures taken of shoppers wearing crazy outfits? Is this a sign or what?

Perhaps my view of Walmart began to go downhill when I went to take my car to have an oil change and service there a few years back. After waiting double the time they estimated it would take I inquired about my car. The lady who worked there (her name was probably something like Laquonda) with fire engine red hair and nails so long they curled and a tattoo of her name on her chest (oh yes, it was Laquonda!) looked a little confused and asked me to hold on. Her manager Jerry (who was covered in tattoos as well and hadn't looked like he had showered in days) came out to inform me they had a little "mishaps" with my car and that it would need a new part which may take a few hours to get in. Well a few hours turned into oh wow, we really messed your car up and we have to take it to a mechanic in another city. Needless to say, it was gone for 3 days and had over $500 repair work on it which Walmart paid for. Did I get a rental car to use when I was carless you ask? No. Did I get reimbursed with some Walmart vouchers or coupons or even store credit? No. Did they even apologize? I don't think they did. Okay, so note to self DON'T use Walmarts' automotive services.

Did I continue to shop at Walmart? Yes, I know I'm an idiot. However, something in me changed the more I shopped there. I began to look around. Wow. There are some scary people who shop here. Hmmm, why can't their produce ever look decent enough to eat? I mean, really? I don't think I've ever actually seen a ripe piece of fruit or vegetable there out of the hundreds they have in store. Why do the lines that say 20 items or less always seem to have inconsiderate people with about 50 items? Why does everyone just leave their shopping cart in the parking lot for other cars to hit, be hit by, or not be able to park in? Why does it always look dirty at Walmart? Why are people so rude here? Hey, maybe this place isn't so great after all.

Though I may save a few dollars to shop at Walmart, I now feel it isn't worth it. I would rather spend more to go to Publix, where the produce is always fresh, the staff are always so friendly-there is very little turnover there with their staff and I think that must mean they are doing something right, plus it is always clean. Call me crazy or snobby or what you want, but I don't think its worth my time to go to Walmart anymore. Unless I want to get a good laugh every now and then.


  1. Oh this made me sad!! We have no Publix in Mississippi. I seriously told Jeremy that the two main things I would miss about where we lived were "my Publix and Target" I depise Walmart and am glad someone else feels the same way!!

  2. Aww man-- Paige that is sad! We didn't have a Publix or Target at Auburn either, hence why I shopped at Walmart. Maybe they will build one soon! I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you!

  3. Agree - not a fan of Wal-Mart but sometimes I just can't avoid it!

  4. WE have done our grocery shopping at Publix for the past 3 years. There service is awesome and they have the car buggies for my kids to ride in. Very seldom do I ever go to Wal-Mart.

  5. Oh my gosh. Allen and I were JUST talking about this. I had to get some non-grocery things, so I went shopping at Walmart last week. All of the produce was disgusting in just a day or two. Pubix really is so much better. No more Walmart for us.