Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Have you ever been driving down the road and singing a song and then go "what did they just say?" Not as if you didn't understand what the lyrics were, but that you couldn't believe they put that line in the song. Well, I do all the time. And I think there are too many funny lines to not share and discuss with you. Here are a few that I think are funny and often laugh about. Please take note that most of these are rap songs, big surprise there I know.

"She never smells like onion rings" -Is this a common problem for this rapper? Is he dating a lot of ladies who smell like fried fast food?

Oh and from the same song-

"...Pays her bills on schedule" -At this point I'm really starting to question this rappers standards for women.

"Your the whole package plus you pay your taxes" -I see a theme here with women not paying bills and taxes in the rapping world...

"Give me what cha got for a pork chop"- Sounds like hes robbing someone for a pork chop. Is he hungry? Someone give him some food!

"Its like Murder she wrote once I get you outta them clothes"- Is he going to murder her? What!? I think the fact that this is by R.Kelly who it notorious for inappropriate sexual acts makes it even more concerning.

"Girl don't turn around cause I'm in love with your back but if you just got to turn around I really hope your face match" --wow, that is so romantic! Just what a lady wants to hear.

"Ima have to blame it on a fifth like an alchy"

"Shawty I'ma only tell you this once your the illest... And for your lovin I'd die hard like Bruce Willis" -VERY romantic

"Toot it and Boot it"--enough said.

..."watch her leave out the window, guess that's why they call it window pane"--ummm Eminem. No, I'm pretty positive that is not why they call it a window pane.

Okay-So that is only a few of the many funny song lyrics. The problem here is that I honestly like most of these songs (minus Toot it and boot it), but I guess that's part of why they are so catchy! Can you think of any lyrics that are funny that I didn't mention?

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