Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jamaica, Mon! Part1

We are back from our amazing trip to Paradise--Jamaica to be exact. 

We left early Wednesday morning and arrived around 11am to beautiful sunny skies. I had heard that it had been raining all.the.time. in Jamaica prior to our arrival but when we landed to clear skies I was excited! We headed to the hotel lobby and grabbed a few cold beers while waiting for our ride.  We quickly headed to the resort on the 2 hour-ish bus ride. When we got the resort, the skies became gray and it started raining!! Oh nooo!! I was so sad.  We headed to the hot tub with a few more drinks and made the best of it. We met some interesting people in the hot tub that day and had to turn down their requests for us to meet them in the hidden "Buddha pool" later at night to skinny dip. Umm no thanks strangers we just met.  That night we headed to the bayside restaurant and ate some great Asian food.  We called it an early night that night.

Making the best of the rainy day.

Dinner our first night

The next morning we woke up at what we thought was 7am and headed down around  7:45 to grab a bite to eat and head to the beach. We got out of our room and walked around the resort to realize we were the only people up. Seriously, we were. The breakfast buffet wasn't open. We thought it was weird but headed to the beach and grabbed a chair to relax.  I then looked at the watch we brought instead of the phone we had been looking at to tell the time and realized it was 6:45!!! No wonder no one was up! Haha!! That day we relaxed on the beach and luckily had great weather. 

Mimosas at 7am! Don't mind if I do.

Thankfully, it didn't rain at all after the day we arrived. Yeah, mon!
That night was our formal night and we had an excellent dinner. The food the whole trip was great, except by the end I just wanted something light, it seemed everything was so heavy.

Our formal dinner night
Friday we started off early with the Catamaran Cruise. It was a nice relaxing ride on the way and we docked after awhile by a nice beach and swam. The ride back from the beach was when things got a little wild.  They cranked the music up, everyone started dancing, and the rum punch was flowing. 
Matt learning a Jamaican dance on the Catamaran Cruise

This lady got down dancing while carrying this tray of drinks on the rocking boat! Now that's talent!

Friday night we headed to the Veranda restaurant for some more delicious food. I'm pretty sure I gained 10lbs on this trip. Eating became a hobby.  We hit up the piano bar that night and had a good time singing along. 

So that's pretty much the first half of our trip. For those of ya'll who placed your bets on me running I regret to say I hope you didn't have a lot of faith in me. I made it a whopping zero times to the gym. I thought about it once. Does that count?

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