Monday, June 6, 2011

Pack, Pack, Packin'

First tangent here is that I am officially back on the running bandwagon. I may be as reliable to stay on track as Linday Lohan is to stay sober, but I ran 4 times this week which I believe is pretty darn good. Thankyouverymuch. I ran a whopping 7 miles on Saturday which was pretty amazing given my less than stellar stamina lately.  Of course it was on the treadmill and a good show was on--okay, so maybe "When I was 17" isn't a good show, but it was about the Jersey Shore kids and I love me some Jersey Shore. Anywho, I digress. So I get all cocky thinking 'yeah, girl you are doing good now' and then I go and do some yoga Sunday on my day off. Wake up call! Just because I run (sometimes) does not mean I am completely in shape, as I am so dang sore today.

Second Tangent is that we are packin' away for our trip to Jamaica. In between packing today, I got in a 4 mile run on the TM (treadmill), cleaned house, and cooked dinner. Oh yeah and I'm bloggin. Let's hope my multi-tasking abilities don't fail me as I get to Jamaica and realize I forgot to pack underwear. That would be a problem. Pretty sure there are no Walmarts in Jamaica. So I have been a pretty organized packer, carefully selecting cute outfits and matching jewelry.  Yep, this is a first. I'm usually a throw it all in and hope you get something that matches kind of girl. Clearly you can tell how excited I am about this trip since I am hand picking out each outfit plus acessory. I threw in some workout clothes and my running shoes so you can place your bets whether I will actually make an appearance at the gym. I'd say odds are 50/50.
Please note the yellow and blue dress I got yesterday from GAP outlet for $9!! Yeah yeah!!

Tommorrow after work we head to Atlanta to spend the night with my mom and then by 8:15 Wednesday morning we will be on our way to Jamaica. So by about, say, 10:18 central time you can start being jealous of us for being in paradise. I kid, I kid.

See ya on the flip side!

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