Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fruit and Oreos

This weekend being a long holiday weekend also equals good food; and we had tons of this all weekend long.

Saturday morning, Megan and I went to Pepper Place, Birmingham's Saturday Farmer's Market. It is a pretty large Farmer's market with tents selling local produce, baked good, crafts, wine, ice cream, jams, and even meat.  They usually have several bands playing and this week they had a guest chef hosting a cooking presentation.  I love Pepper Place because I think it is important to eat fresh food while also supporting local farmers.  It is a fun way to spend your Saturday morning!

A few of the many tents at Pepper Place

Another area of Pepper Place
At Pepper Place, Megan and I loaded up on some fresh fruit to make a special treat for Ang and Matt's Gender Reveal Party.  I give all the credit to Megan who came up with the idea and did most of the leg work as I tried to do my best as a helper.
Megan cutting the watermelon into a baby carriage

Almost done

Final Product
I must admit I think it turned out pretty cute, however there are a few things we learned from making this.  One is that the icing pens which we used to make the face suck. They smeared and after sitting for awhile began to run a bit.  The second thing I learned is to forget the cool whip or/whip cream for the bonnet. It was hard to aim it, didn't look like a bonnet--instead like the baby had a white fro', and melted away pretty quickly. I wouldn't make a bonnet for the baby in the future at all if making this again.
In other food news, I made a delicious dessert Monday for the 4th of July and it was so easy I thought I'd share. The ingredients you need are a pack of Oreos, a tub of Cool Whip, and a gallon of Vanilla ice cream.
Step 1: take the whole bag of Oreo's and dump in a large ziploc bag. Then crush them with your fists.
Step 2: Mix the Cool Whip and ice cream together, then add the Oreo crumbles. (You must let the Cool Whip and ice cream soften up a bit to mix)
Step 3: Place in a large casserole dish, cover, and put in the freezer.  If you like it softer, eat it sooner or let it melt when you take it out of the freezer, or if you prefer it to be more like a pie, let it sit in the freezer.
Step 4: enjoy!! So easy and delishhh!


  1. The baby carriage turned out so cute! And the Oreo dessert looks pretty delish too! May have to give that one a try!

  2. I'm obsessed with the baby carriage!! So awesome!

  3. Even though I wasn't able to try the oreo dessert, it did get excellent reviews at Billy's! Everyone loved it! I wonder if you could make it with other stuff other than oreos...hhmmm!? :)

  4. The farmer's market looks like a great one! And that oreo dessert looks awesome! YUM!