Thursday, July 14, 2011

A wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday I had a hot lunch date with this guy

Ladies, back off! He's mine!....Though I have recently considered renting him out for extra money...
 We went to my absolute FAVORITE restaurant ever, O'Carrs. If I haven't told ya'll about this place, I apologize. It is a must if you live or are ever in the Birmingham area. Their motto is "eat by color" and they provide fresh, delicious food that is (mostly) pretty healthy. Their chicken salad is the bomb! (yes, I just said the bomb). Anyways, it was delicious and we try to go on lunch dates (mostly there) as much as possible.  
Famous chicken salad and fruit plate- my mouth is watering looking at this...
Last night we had dinner with this sweet lady
Old picture from Christmas, no I don't wear sweaters in July...unless you see me at work where they keep it -20 degrees.
Matt's mom! She is so sweet and we love spending time with her! We had a good time and dinner was great!

Now, onto other important is Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY! Wohoo! We don't have much planned for this weekend except possibly going on except dinner with the in-laws at Cheesecake Factory. Any recommendations on what cheesecake to get??

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