Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's a Boy!!

No silly, I'm not pregnant. But a lot of my friends are, and this weekend it was all about Mrs. Ang B., her husband Matty Matt, and their little bundle of joy.

Ang and Matt were married in March and right about the same time found out they were pregnant.  We were so excited and thrilled when they told us the news, and ever since the anticipation of what gender the baby will be has built and built. 

They decided to host a "Gender Reveal Party" which is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the revealing of the babies gender.  Everyone who was invited to the party was instructed to wear pink if they thought it would be a girl, and blue for boy. I went with blue, Matt for pink. We were both 100% confident in our choices, but one of us was wrong.

Me and the mom-to-be, Oh yeah, and Romeo, how could we forget Romeo?!

The cake is what the party is centered around. When Matt and Ang went for their last ultrasound, the gender was revealed to the doctors and without telling Matt and Ang the gender, they sealed it up in an envelope. Angela brought the sealed envelope to a baker, who baked a cake which would reveal the gender.  The cake looks normal on the outside, but on the inside is either blue or pink. When the couple cuts the cake everyone, including them, finds out what the baby's gender will be.

Such a cute cake!!

This is a watermelon baby my sister-in-law Megan and I made- we thought it turned out pretty cute!

Matt and I before the big reveal, who will be right!?!?
And the winner is......

It's a boy!!

The happy couple both guessed right!

Team Blue = winners!
We had so much fun finding out what baby Burton's gender is! We ended up staying to celebrate pretty much the whole evening. Matt and Angela had tons of food, drinks, and cute decorations up. It was a great party!

group shot of some of my best girl friends + Romeo. He was a celebrity that night!
Now the anticipation builds as to what the baby's name will be!! Billy Burton perhaps?? ;)

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  1. Sounds like a SUPER CUTE party!!

    Next time I'm preggo, I've been debating not finding out at all, which I think would be TOUGH, but if I couldn't hold out, I'd want to do this :)