Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ramblings and a Recipe

So I am currently only day 16 of the 30 Day Shred and feel like it is helping to tone my muscles so I don't feel as flabby as Kristie Alley. I am honestly pretty dang proud that I haven't skipped a day and have been keeping up with my running about 4 times per week.  The good thing about working out a lot is that I hope it cancels out the fact that I eat like crap.  I just can't turn down doughnuts and cookies. Whoops.

Speaking of food, my freshman year college roommate used to make this rice that was so dang good. After 10 years (please don't do the math) I have hunted her down (okay, so already being her friend on Facebook may not qualify as hunting, per se) and asked her for the recipe.  It is so easy and good that I decided to share the recipe. Oh yeah, that and the fact that I can't think of anything more exciting to blog about. 

Here's what you need:

Can of sliced mushrooms, drained
Can of Campbells Beef Broth
Can of Campells French Onion Soup
1 Cup of rice
1 stick of butter (which is equal to 1/2 cup)

This is what 1 cup of rice looks like--in case you live on Mars and have never seen rice

Melt the butter and pour in the bottom of a small casserole dish

Mix in the rice, 2 soups, and drained mushrooms. Bake on 400 for 30-45 minutes or until rice is done.

Enjoy the deliciousness! Matt gave it his seal of approval.
 So here's what our meal looked like tonight:
Rice, broccoli, grilled teryaki chicken, and buttered whole wheat toast
 Here's my bitch cook.  Don't you wish you had one of these?? He's pretty cute too, maybe I should rent him out for some extra money....

And just because they need some blog love too...

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