Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golf, Twilight, and a flat tire

Whew! This weekend has been a relaxing yet stressful weekend all at the same time. Maybe I need to borrow some of Charlie Sheen's mood stabilizers now. Scratch that. They sure don't seem to be helping him.....

Matt left Thursday for a long weekend full of guys, golf, and alcoholic beverages.  12 of he and his best friends went to a cabin in Tennessee for a golf tournament they made up called the Mulligan Mug. Let me tell you how serious the guys were about this. Not only did they talk about it for months, plan out teams, team names, and half of them all got new golf clubs just for this weekend, but they even had a trophy made.

My huband's team won giving them bragging rights until next years Mulligan Mug. And since he did so well, he got to the keep the trophy. Wow. This will sure make great decoration for our home.

While the boys played, I went home to Atlanta to see the family.  Mom recently read the Twilight Series (yeah, shes a few years behind) and hadn't seen the movies, so I brought them and we had a Twilight Movie Marathon. I knew it was a problem after she read the series and I asked if she was Team Jacob or Team Edward and she was like "huh?"....Gotta pick, mom, gotta pick. It is very serious stuff.

 Saturday we laid by the pool and relaxed...That afternoon I got to meet this sweet little guy
 baby Zander! My best friend Amanda gave birth to him a month ago and I was so excited to meet him! He is so freaking precious!

Sunday I met up with my dad and step-mom and we had brunch. It was great until I went to leave and head back to Birmingham.  And then I got a flat tire!! Ahhh! Luckily I was right by my dad's house and hadn't gotten on the interstate yet.  A few hours later (and a lot of money) I had a new tire and was on my way home. I got back safe though and am currently vegging out in my pj's on my sofa. Yeah, don't feel too bad for me.... we can't patch this?!

"This is what dad's are for!" says my dad. He sure saved the day!! Thanks dad!!

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  1. Haha yes Dads rock..I should actually prob learn how to do this!