Monday, August 15, 2011

PGA Championship

Yesterday Matt and I were in Atlanta for part of his birthday present. That birthday present being tickets to the golf PGA Championship.  This is a big deal for golfers and golf lovers, as there are only 4 Major's in golf per year, and this is the last one for the year.  When Matt found out it was being held in Atlanta, he was stoked and talked about getting tickets. But as time went on and he spent all his money on his own golf trip, he didn't mention it as much. So my parents and I decided to surprise him with tickets for an early birthday present! Boy was he surprised, and boy was he excited!

I was all pumped about going and really thought I liked golf tournaments...I mean, it's fun to walk around and watch cute guys swing clubs, right? It wasn't until we had been there in the hot sun for 10is hours that I realized alcohol may have been a major contributor as to why I liked them so much (which I was not engaging in drinking of alcohol at the tournament this time....). Nevertheless, it was a fun time. But next time I think I may send his brothers with him to take my know, since they understand and really care about the game.

We weren't supposed to have camera's but we could have phones, which meant they really didn't care that much if I took a few pics right??
Walking in
Still walking in...

A picture of Adam Scott (helllooo hottie!) I was afraid to zoom in-- it would take too much time and I may have gotten caught!--and his caddy, who used to be Tiger's caddy until about 2 weeks ago, and they have been fighting in public like an angry divorced couple since....

Another cutie, Rory McElroy. He is British, which means he gets more cute points because he has an accent.

What they are playing for- the trophy. Which Matt says is the biggest trophy you can win in golf. Apparently, size does matter to these guys.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson putting

Seriously though we had a good time and I think Matt enjoyed his birthday present. It was a fun way to spend the day together!

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