Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No one wants to hear your complainin'!

This week has not been a great week. I feel that I am usually a pretty positive person and rarely have "bad days" as they say. But this week it seems all the little things are adding up and I have just been plain grumpy...The thing is is that I struggle with being grumpy because I know no one wants to be around people who are negative and complain all the time yet I just don't feel like my usual positive and happy self. What is a girl to do?

In true therapeutic form (as the mental health therapist that I am) I am trying to remain positive and focus on the positive things going on in my life.  The more one focuses on negative thoughts, the more negative one will feel. It is truly mind over mood. For example, if I wake up late, have a flat tire, and get stuck in the rain, I may think what a terrible day it has been and in turn feel angry and frustrated.  Instead, though, I could re-phrase that into a more positive thought such as "yes, it has been a terrible morning, however, that doesn't mean the day can't get better" and feel more hopeful.  And how the heck is dwelling on the negative going to help me?? It's not. I feel that happiness is something we experience at times and at others must work for. Life isn't perfect, so why expect it to be? If we roll over and are passive to all of life's events, are we really living? We must be active in making our destiny, or making our life fulfilled and happy.

So I will not moan and groan about how terrible my week is, but instead think of all the blessings and great things which I do have going on in my life. I know this feeling will pass, as all feeling pass and constantly change.  And just as I begin to feel sorry for myself, I often hear or think of someone else who is going through something way worse than I. How can I be so selfish when there are others who have it way worse. No feeling sorry for myself, I am not going to be that kind of person. I am so blessed! Everything ALWAYS works out!

"Release the stronghold of negativity and believe that through HIM all things are possible"


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  1. I love it! Sometimes we get so bogged down in all the bad things we experience that we forget to be grateful of the little things!