Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Review

We have had a busy but great weekend. 

Friday night we went out with Bethany and Miller to eat at Cocina Superior and afterwards to a nearby bar called Oak Hill. It was a fun, relaxing evening.

At Oak Hill

Saturday was this guys birthday, and this is the face he made when I asked him how he felt about turning 27.

27? Ehhh....
 So how does one celebrate their 27th birthday with their buddies? By taking Saki Bombs. Yuck.

Please enjoy the after photo, it is for your viewing pleasure.
Getting set up...

Ohh soo smooth....

Or not. Ha!
 So again we reverted back to 6th grade and let the guys sit together and the girls sit together. I mean, the guys just don't have as much fun stuff to talk about as we girls do.
What the heck is Matt laughing about?!

The girls: Bethany, Mere, me, and Ang B. 
 After dinner we kept the party going by heading to the bowling alley.
Who let the Grandpa's out this late at night??

Sister Mary Katherine showing off her bowling style....And no we still aren't sure why the boys kept calling Mere Sister Mary Katherine

Ang has 2 bowling balls...on in her hand and one in her belly. 

Today we continued celebrating Matt's birthday by going to his and Ang's house for lunch with his family. Matt B. and Matt C.(my Matt) have been best friends since they were in cribs so we are cool enough to get invited to the family bday celebration. Or maybe I invited myself when I heard there was food and cake....either way, it was a lot of fun!

Along with Matt Burtons Bday being this weekend it was also Matt's (my Matt) cousin Jake's birthday. He turned the big 1-7. Ahhh, remember those days? Gah, I feel like it was just yesterday...Anways, I digress...So we stopped by their house to give him his present and visit with them also. Jake's mom Tina is an avid Jessexplainsitall reader so I'm gonna give her a shout out now!! :) She is hilarious and I highly recommend you check out her blog here.

Overall we had a great weekend and I must now go as my husband kicks me off the computer so he can do his fantasy football draft.  Apparently this is serious stuff. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!    

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  1. Matt( your husband)August 9, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    The shot wasn't bad.. Its just a bad picture!!