Friday, August 26, 2011

There's Something About Mary

I am just now able to return to the blogging world, as I have been away doing jury duty. I thought it would be fun and it was interesting experience. I think after a week on a criminal court case, I am good for a long time with anything to do with court, the law, and juries. Or anything downtown for that matter.

Anyways, I digress. This week (other than bickering with strangers during deliberations) has been pretty good. Last weekend was relaxing and we went out Saturday night for our friend Mary's coming home/early birthday party.  Mary moved to Tulsa, OK and we miss her dearly. So when she came back in town for several days, we were very happy to see her! So we went to eat at Munoz, a Mexican restaurant in Trussville.

It's Mary! Is it just me or does every singe Mexican restaurant have a big sombrero they put on the birthday person?

Megan, Ang, and Phoenix

Me and Matt
Amanda and I

  Tuesday was all about another Mary, Mary Kay. My friend Regina from Grad School called me out of the blue to tell me she is a new Mary Kay representative and needed some volunteers to receive free facials. Of course my friends and I were more than down for that (yes, please!). 

We had some great food, good wine, and tried several great Mary Kay products. I haven't really used Mary Kay before but received a $100 credit for having more than 5 people at the party! I am excited to try their products, as I have heard great things about them!
Amanda being silly

Group shot of most of the girls, from left to right: Erica, Phoenix, me, Maria, Bethany, Grelier, Mere, and Amanda.  We all have half our face covered in products. Thank God this is not a close up!

So life will return to normal from here on out. The court case is over and I will be hopefully having a low-key weekend and back to work on Monday. We head for the beach next weekend for Labor Day so I most definitely can not wait for that!

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