Thursday, January 5, 2012

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks, 4 days...Doctor said today I'm measuring a little ahead at 24-25 weeks
Weight Gain: 12.5lbs
Maternity Clothes: Not really sure what I could say about this every single week...but yeah, still wearing them, lol
Sleep: Been sleeping pretty good, I wake often during the night but it's no biggie...found out I am anemic today so that may have to do with me being really tired lately
Best Moment this week: passing my glucose test! No Gestational Diabetes for this girl! Wohoo!
Food Cravings: we ate a hand rolled bagel in NY and since then I can't get bagels and cream cheese (of course none add up to the deliciousness of the one we had in NY)
Movement: Still lots! I think I am starting to feel him turn and move more, not only just feeling the kicks
What I miss: nothing! Trying to enjoy every moment!
What I am looking forward to: 3 more weeks and I'm in the 3rd trimester!
Milestones: nothing that I can think of, everything is just going great, and we couldn't be happier!

Also, I have been working out a lot lately and so I am going to add a category to hold myself accountable, so...
Workouts: 4 times already this week! I have been walking and doing my prenatal video. I can't get enough, I just feel so good afterwards! Let's hope I keep it up!


  1. I hope I look as good as you when I get pregnant! You look amazing! And I'm impressed that you're working out so much!!!

  2. Yeah for you!! Great on the glucose and the working out. I have been keepin gup the workout routine and it is AMAZING the difference. Plus I promised myself I would gain the 50 (holy crap) lbs I gained with Amelia....Ha!

  3. You look great! And can we please note, Auntie Manda's first time to feel him kick was this week...winning! :)