Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogging for the lazy

                                               Here's how to blog if you are lazy. Like me.

This is what I did last Wednesday. 
See? Wasn't that easy.
Okay, okay, I guess I can steal a few of Amanda's pics.
And tell you what has been going on.
As aforementioned, last Wednesday night we celebrated one of my best friend Meredith's (aka Mere or Merenara) birthday. We had a girls night and kicked off the celebration at a Mexican restaurant for dinner and then went to Sips N Strokes, a painting class where people get drunk as they paint. I mean, genius, right!? This time I was sipping H2O, but don't worry, some of the girls drank one (or two) for me. It was a fun night, and I think Mere really had a great time celebrating her birthday with us crazy girls.

 The girls at dinner from left to right: Megan, Merenara, Bethany, Era (not sure I spelled that right?!), Erica, Phoenix, Melanie, Amanda, and moi
 So here is what we were supposed to be painting:
 And here is my interpretation: not quite like the original....don't worry, I won't quit my day job
Bethany and I getting ready

The group with Mere's pic...she is super creative and artsy so hers looked great!
 Thursday, Matt and I practiced our parenting/babysitting skills and babysat Mattox for a couple hours while Matt and Angela were at work
The boys chillin

'What you lookin' at!?'
I got all confident and cocky about my babysitting skills when I was able to rock him to sleep and laid him in his nap nanny....until he woke up crying 30 mins later.
Seriously, look at those cute chunky cheeks!
 We had a lot of fun watching Mattox and realized how difficult and tiring it is to watch a baby. Perhaps I should have done this prior to being 6 months pregnant??
I'm sure it will be fine though once Baylor gets here, guess I better start resting up until then....

Oh, and we did get to register this weekend. Did we know what we were doing? Absolutely not. But I think we may have gotten a few things we will actually need. Nipple covers are good, right? If it's baby Einstein product our baby will be a genius, right?

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  1. 1. That painting is amazing!!! I'm so impressed by you. I almost like yours better.
    2. You should totally do this again once you've had the little man so you can enjoy a few sips too ;)