Thursday, February 23, 2012


We're in the 30's ya'll! Time is flying!

What a difference 10 weeks makes.  

I guess I'm a little bigger?

Here are the stats
How Far Along: 30 weeks, 4 days
Weight Gain: No clue, didn't weigh in this week. Perhaps I am unconsciously beginning to fear the scale since I keep forgetting to step on it.
Sleep: Still doing pretty good on this
Best Moment this Week: Going out for Chow Down with the girls and talking all about babies and pregnancy. Crazy how our lives change and so does our conversations!
Food Cravings: I'd die for a cold turkey sandwich (I am being extra careful and not eating cold deli meat as it raises your chances of getting Listeria, a harmful bacteria). I did however, eat a veggie sub from Publix today which was on point!
Movement: I am currently watching my belly bounce up and down. LOVE IT.
Milestones: We are in the 30's baby! Countdown really begins!
What I am looking foward to: I have my work baby shower tommorrow. This will be my first baby shower! And I'm heading home to Atlanta this weekend to visit my family.
Workouts: This week I have been a slackety slacker. Seriously, we have been busy and things have been kinda chaotic so this is my first week since the first trimester I haven't worked out a lot. I worked out 2xs this week, last Friday and Saturday. I'm not too worried about it, a girl can give herself a break right?

Also, I am still going to the chiropractor for my back and I think it is helping.
I have had several days now of swollen ankles. Aka cankles. And they are scary looking.
My belly button is still making it's way out. Half is out and the other half is hanging on for it's dear life.


  1. You look great!!! Almost there. As cirrhoses ankles...find something that you can prop your feet on during the day. Helped me so much !!

  2. i'm 1 week ahead of you! my belly definitely popped out more between weeks 20 & 30, just like yours. have fun at your first shower!!! my first one is next weekend & i'm ridiculously excited ~ haha, like how my feet & hands are ridiculously swollen :)