Monday, February 27, 2012

Work Baby Shower

This past Friday, several of my sweet co-workers threw me a baby shower at my work.

Other than me being 30 minutes late (stuck in a meeting!!), it turned out great and was so nice! We felt so loved and had a great time. And we racked up on some great baby items.

I finally feel like everything is starting to come together and that we are getting more prepared for baby Baylor to arrive.

These were the super cute invitations that were put up around the hospital.

 Unfortunately, since I was stuck in a meeting that went way over I had to run to the shower and forgot to bring my camera. These are a couple pics my co-worker took from her iphone.

Me with (some) of the spread. How cute is it that they decorated with his name on the wall?! Love that!
 The hostesses and I. From left to right, Laura, Grelier, and Bev.
 So, I totally failed and didn't get any pictures of the other guests or the super cute decorations like the table cloths with candles, diaper cake (so cute), and presents, food, etc.
I did take a picture of all the balloons that are still in my office today....
Again, total fail since my iphone doesn't depict at all how cute these balloons really are.

Overall, it was a great shower and I had a wonderful time and felt really supported and loved. I am blessed to work with such wonderful people!


  1. How sweet of your co-workers! I'm so happy that they did something so sweet for you :) Too bad you were stuck in a long meeting, but at least you still got to go enjoy their company to celebrate your soon to be little baby!!!

  2. What wonderful co-workers!! They must really think you're special plus it is a nice break in the work day.