Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We sure did.

I love romance and being shown affection from my love, so I am a big Valentines Day fan. I mean, who doesn't want flowers and a nice dinner?!

Matt has always been great with showing his affection and love for me, and this years' Valentines he did not disapoint.

Enjoying a few glasses of wine. Don't worry, non-alcoholic for this girl.

He sure knows the way to my heart. Flowers and Vampire love.

Cards we gave one another. Sappy and sweet.

Along with flowers, I got a Lily Plant. I am really excited to see it bloom! I know it will be beautiful.

The best part: my Valentine cooking dinner for me. He prepared a menu back in January and did such a wonderful job of cooking. I think I may have to quit cooking and let him cook for me all the time. Yeah, I know that's really reaching, huh?

We started with a "Field Greens Salad with Strawberry Vinagarette" and for the main course "chicken Cacciatore with pasta"

And dessert. Oh how wonderful dessert was!! He made (and prepared the whole thing the night before as to make it even better) Chocolate Eclair Cake. I wish I was eating a piece right now.
 Don't worry though, I didn't forget about him!
Along with my sappy card, I got him some candy and this book. I thought it was a sweet book that he can read to Baylor. I think he really liked it!

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