Friday, April 2, 2010

Here we go!!

Well, here we go! My first attempt at a blog. or blogspot. or whatever its called. So a little about me I guess, to start off with. I am a twenty-something (I always like that phrase, very vague, you see) year old girl who has been married *almost* one year to a wonderful guy named Matt (pretty sure you will hear about him alot). We live in Pinson, Alabama which is a suburb of Birmingham. We have two sweet fur children, named Gracie and Max. I work at a psychiatric hospital as a therapist/counselor for adolescents. Whew, is it a crazy but fun job! (Im sure there will be more stories to come from that!)

Soo, what makes you want to start a blog Jess?, you ask. Well, good question. I enjoy talking, alot. and writing. Plus, I'm away from many of my close family and some friends (-->they mostly live in Atlanta, Ga, where I'm originally from) so why not create a blog? I love reading others' blogs, just was never sure If I could do one of my own. Well, hell! Why not try it?! If I bore you to death, then you don't have to read. If I entertain you some or give you some insight into my life and whats been going on, then great! I am so blessed to have such wonderful family members and friends and I at times take advantage of that and don't keep in touch as much as I should or would like to. So here's to me trying to be a better friend/family member and hoping this will keep us in touch more often! So I hope you may join me on this journey following my life on this blog! Please feel free to give me feedback or comments!

***Disclaimer- I am NO GOOD at computer stuff so please bear with me on trying to be technologically savvy. I will try to do some research (I am obsessed with researching stuff-some of you know this) to make sure my blog is updated with pics, videos (oh wow, not sure if I can do that!), and anything else to make my page fun and interesting to check out!

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