Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday already?!

I can't believe its Monday already. I feel like I spend all week looking forward to the weekend and when it gets here it goes by so quickly! As mom says, I should stop wishing my life away, but I can't help but look forward to the weekends!

We had a great weekend. Friday some of our best friends, Matt and Angela, purchased their first home! I joined Angela Friday afternoon for a quick tour of the house and had a glass of champagne with her and Matt to celebrate their new home. Later, (my) Matt and I joined them at their old apartment and helped to move them into their new house. Luckily, the home is less than 1 mile away from their old apartment so it wasn't bad at all! It is such a cute, nice house and I am so excited for them to be first time homeowners! Congrats Matt and Angela!

Saturday we had beautiful weather here in Birmingham. My friend Phoenix and I went and played tennis in the morning, went to lunch, visited briefly with her father (who made us some awesome Strawberry shortcake), and sat outside late afternoon while drinking a few glasses of wine. We went to dinner with our friends Amanda and Mitch that night and then joined a few more friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for a bit.

Sunday was a busy day as well! We went to the grocery store, cleaned house, and I worked out.

Overall we had a great, busy weekend. This weekend we are going to be in Nashville, which I've never been to. Matt recently went to Nashville with his work and loved it. So, we decided to plan a quick weekend trip there, to get away and spend some time together-- while also checking out a fun, new place. I can't wait! If you have ever been there and have any recommendations for places we need to go to, eat at, shop at, etc., let me know!

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