Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jamaica Me Crazy

After much talk and anticipation, Matt and I have booked a trip this June to return to Jamaica! We were married in Negril, Jamaica in May 2009 at Couples Negril Resort. It was amazing, wonderful, fantastic,  and beautiful, a trip we will never forget. Not only was Jamaica a beautiful place, but we were able to share the most wonderful day of our lives there with some of our close family and friends who came with us. Since our return we have longed to go back and visit the gorgeous island that shares this special memory with us. Even last year we booked a trip to return, but later cancelled and decided to go on a cruise with some of our best friends (which was a blast!). Though the cruise was awesome, it still didn't satisfy the urge to return to Jamaica that we still felt. So we are officially booked--leaving June 8 to spend a marvelous 6 days in paradise. We decided to visit Ocho Rios which is a different part of Jamaica than we have previously been to. We will stay at another Couples Resort, Coupes Tower Isle which has amazing reviews. We can not wait and are so excited to spend a 'second honeymoon' together just the two of us! Here are some pictures of the resort that we will be staying at:


  1. That will be an awesome trip. Those pictures have me longing for a tropical vacation!

  2. wow! I had no idea! Ya'll will ahve so much fuN! :)

  3. Very awesome!! Not only that you're going back to Jamaica, but that you've taken so many fabulous vacations recently! Lucky girl!