Friday, March 16, 2012


Due to the flood and just a crazy and chaotic week, I didn't get the chance to do my weekly update last week. So here goes for this week.

How Far Along: 33 weeks, 5 days
Weight Gain: 28lbs. I just keep growing and growing.
Sleep: No complaints, still sleeping pretty good
Best moment this week: This was technically week 32, but the baby tea last Saturday. It was so wonderful (as you all heard on here)!
Food Cravings: none that I can really think of. Crazy, I know!
Movement: Lots of rolls still. He doesn't kick often but likes to just roll around. I can feel his feet in between my ribs but he hasn't kicked my ribs yet. Hopefully he will stay sweet and this won't happen?? haha!
Milestones: We are about 90% done with the nursery. I love it and just go in there to hang out all the time! Don't worry, pics will soon come...
What I miss: having energy, my feet not hurting so much, and not being so heavy.
What I am looking forward to: Him getting here!!
Workouts: So far I've worked out 3 times this week. Gonna try to work out tomorrow am to get in one more.

Other randoms:
We are now going to the doctor weekly. I am anemic and the doctor was concerned about my iron levels, even with me taking iron supplements. I am also having lots of swelling and have officially said goodbye to my wedding rings as of now. I am going to really buckle down and start watching my diet and limit my sodium intake and increase my iron intake.
My doctor measured today and said I am measuring at about 34 weeks, which is still pretty accurate considering I will be 34 weeks on Sunday.
The third trimester is harder than I imagined, but totally worth it because it just means I am that much closer to meeting my sweet baby boy!


  1. You look great!!! I understand the growing and growing. I remeber those last few weeks with somuch excitement and then being so tired and having all the third trimester fun! Really looking forward to it...since I start it on Monday! Holy Cow

  2. You're almost there and it seems like you're doing great!! I hope you continue to feel and sleep well.