Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things no one tells you about being pregnant

1. You can often forget you are pregnant, even when you are huge. You may look down and be like "oh yeah, forgot about that..."

2. People think that you being pregnant automatically means they can give you their advice. And everyone has advice, and everyone gives your their advice. Just smile politely and nod your head. 

3. Some people's advice is terrible. No, the doctor doesn't recommend you drink a few alcoholic beverages to "calm the baby down" or "get the baby to sleep better" while you are breastfeeding. No, you can't hold you baby too much in the first few weeks and spoil it. No, you shouldn't let your baby cry itself to sleep the first week.

4. No one has the same opinions on how you look. Some people will comment on how big you are or how you are about to pop and others the same day may comment on how small you are and that they can't believe you are due in a month--sure doesn't look it!

5. Don't count out any symptoms until it's over. I thought I got out of numerous symptoms until the 3rd trimester hit. And then it's Oh yeah, got that now...Oh, yeah, got that now...

6. Speaking of symptoms, pregnancy is uncomfortable. I know you are saying "duh" in your head as you read this, but I had no clue just.how.uncomfortable.it.is. Like pain everywhere all the time. 

7. You constantly have cramps and sharp random pains everywhere. Don't freak out. It's just those weird pregnancy side effects.

8. People are nicer to you when you are pregnant. Strangers smile at you and random co-workers you have never talked to begin to have an interest in you and the baby.

9. People love babies. If you thought people cared about your wedding and wedding showers, have a baby. My baby tea had triple the guests and gifts as any of our wedding showers did. And I invited less.

10. You are thirsty all the time. I can't get enough water. Especially since the 3rd trimester has hit.

11. You can't always tell you have swollen ankles. Until you look down and can't find them.

12. Don't think the maternity clothes that you bought in the beginning will last you the entire pregnancy no matter how big they seem at first. You will most likely have to go out and purchase bigger stuff right at the end when you don't want to because why would you spend money on more clothes you will only wear a few more weeks? Yes, it will most likely happen.

13. At the end of the pregnancy you may never ever get cold. I am a walking heater. I think I wore a jacket less than 5 times this winter. And yes, I understand our winter wasn't very cold, but I am sure there was more than 5 days that were cold enough that the average person had to wear a winter coat.

14. You may hear or feel your stomach growl or gurgle in your ribs since your stomach is no longer in your stomach at the end. It happened yesterday and was the weirdest thing ever.

15. Although being pregnant is difficult at times and may not seem like it's always fun, it is amazing. To feel a baby move inside of you and know it is a human being you have created is such a powerful thing. There is nothing like it.


  1. You're a funny one! I'll keep all of these in mind for when the time comes that I'm pregnant! Happy Tuesday, Jess

  2. Ha! These are too funny and so honest. I love it...Keep up your notes! :)

  3. I am cracking up. Every single one is true...but believe it or not you will miss being pregnant. Or I do at least... :) Getting so close...

  4. you forgot about random people think they have a right to touch your belly...that was one of my favorite.

    In my opinion...you look just about to pop, but in a small way. Ha! I know you work with kids too, and they hold nothing back!! Gotta love their honesty

  5. I love your approach to being pregnant. So heartfelt and funny at the same time. I'll have to refer back to this list when it is my turn. And now it makes sense why my cousin never wore anything but a fleece when she was pregnant in the winter. We live in chicago for heaven's sake!