Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Proof that we aren't as boring as you may think...

This Saturday after 8 hours of parenting and baby class, we switched gears and went to our friend's Autumn and Patrick's Wedding Shower.

It felt like it had been forever since we had gotten to hang out with our friends, and we definitely hadn't seen Autumn in Patrick for months. It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and spending our Saturday night out socializing. With others.

From Left to right: me, Julie, Phoenix, Amanda, and Mere

me and Amanda

Matt and I

The Happy Couple- Patrick and Autumn. They had been posing but I missed it and got this candid instead.
 Autumn and Patrick racked up on lots of great gifts for their home, tons of stuff they will need for 'married life'. We got them a hand held vacuum. Very exciting, but hey, I think they liked it!

So there you have it, photographic proof that we do have a life (kinda) outside preparing for baby stuff. I just usually suck at taking pictures to prove this point!

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  1. Your pictures are just fine!! My brother in law actually asked for a handheld vacuum for his birthday and loves it. People who like to clean. I don't get it.