Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Liver Transplant Benefit

This past weekend we went to Atlanta to attend a benefit for my cousin Tiffani. She is in need of a new liver and will soon be having a liver transplant. Tiffani is a 20 year old beautiful, sweet, generous person who is very humble. She is one of the kindest people that I know, and I am not saying that just because she is my cousin!! Since she was 11 she has struggled with health problems related to her liver. Within the past year or so she has gotten very sick, and the doctors determined that only a liver transplant would help to make her healthy again.

Currently, she is number four. Literally, on the list. Insurance covers most of her expenses, but not all, so the hospital requires each transplant patient to have at least 2 benefits or fundraisers to help both the patient and the hospital out financially (some goes to the hospital's fund/foundation).

Saturday was her first fundraiser. It was held in Calhoun, Georgia, a city about an hour north of Atlanta. When we arrived at 4:30 the line was out the door with people, and the event wasn't supposed to even start until 5! They had several bands play, a catered meal, a cake walk, an appearance by Elvis (to the delight of many elderly women), and an auction. The turnout was awesome--at one time we were even worried the police or firefighters may show up due to us breaking the fire code by having so many people in the building! The outpouring of support Tiffani has by her family, friends, and community was amazing. It speaks volumes to what a great person she is! Overall, we raised almost $13, 000 which is unbelievable.

Hopefully soon, we pray, that her number four becomes one and she receives a new liver. I can't think of anyone else more deserving than her to live a healthy and long life. Please keep her in your prayers as we wait for this day to come!

Check out this article that was written on her in the local newspaper.

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  1. You are an absolute Doll. Thanks for being there and helping. We love you! Cheryl